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New News


Well it's almost the end of the schol year for all Cobb County Schools, and half of me is looking forward to it and half of me is not. Mostly cause of my friends. Although most of them will be going to the same high school I am. It's almost the 20th and our orchestra gets to go to Six Flags! And the 19th is our eight grade dance. I've decided I'm going to go. LOL. Anyway in case you didn't notice I have an image map now. It's a new thing for me. LOL. Thanks Paris! She's helped me a lot. We are also getting our yearbooks the 26th so that's good to. I get to see how it came out. I already have a really good idea since I'm in the yearbook sstaff. :) But I'm still curious. Whoa this school year went by soooo fast. Time to go now. Thanks for dropping by. And thankyou Paris!


Well, school is over. I'm going to miss all my friends, especially those going to Wheeler, Pebblebrook, and the ones going to that IB prgram. I will also miss all my teachers. I can't believe it's all over. All my middle school years are gone! Well, for now I'm just going to worry about having fun this summer. I took some pictures the last day of school and there will be up here as soon as I get them developed, so Mrs. Self, if you're reading this then you can just e-mail me if you can and I'll just e-mail you when they are here. That way you won't have to keep coming back. You don't have too. Ugh! Stupid angelfire blurred my pic really bad. It's getting on nerves! Well anyway, look around and have fun this summer!


Well I still haven't gotten my pics developed, but they will be soon. (hopefully) Ummm I have put up a link, that I might leave for a while. My summer is half way over and I can't wait to go back to school. Me and my cousin celebrated our birthday together last week, so that was pretty fun. People, please if you have any ideas on something new to put up here please please e-mail me. I really need to put some new stuff up here, but I don't know what. All you all need to do is clik on the e-mail image thingie right under this message. Well that's it for now, so start looking around! And I finally got the pics from the last day of school developed, I shrinked them quite a bit so if you want to see them go and clik where it says gallery.


Well I'm stuck without my comp, meaning I can't work on my page till I get my comp fixed. It broke. So don't expect anything new anytime soon. It will be in about 1 or 2 weeks before I get it updated.


YAY! I got back my comp and I'm done updating the page. I promise to try my best to get some new stuff up here at a faster rate. Well I didn't like the image at the first page. But oh well. I wasn't given much time cause it's been a long time since I did something to this page. Oh and all the links should work. If they don't e-mail me and let me know what link or links don't work. Well till later. Bye!


Get me out of school!!!LOL. Nah I'm j/k. It's better then stayin at home doin nothin. I just got done changin some stuff. Whoa time goes by fast! Well nothin more to say here. So you can go away and look around. Oh, and I changed some shout-outs just incase you happen to care. And if you're going to be unlazy (<---new word) and you're planning on signing my guestbook clik on the box that's like down on this page cause I think thelinks are different and I don't feel like going areound the page and changing the links on all the little menu things I have. They are too many and not worth changing. (I think.) lol. Anyway enough talking. Bye...


If your expecting to see anything new...sorry. Since I'm too lazy to make more images and to work the image map and all that good stuff, I'm not going to do it in a while. Maybe one day when I'm really bored I might. But until I get the energy, cause I'm lazy! Well look around, not like you'll find anything new and interesting. (Unless it's ur first time coming here) :)


YAY! I finally got my page updated. I have added a new link to this page, so go check it out. It's all games, and hands-on stuff. So I finally got the energy to update it. And I'm working on some pics to put up here. They are of my mom and dad. Well anyway, I won't take up much more of your time. Please e-mail me if there is a broken link, if you have any comments, or anything else you think I need to work on, or take out. :) All you need to do is clik on the e-mail button at the bottom of this page. Well I'll let yall go now, have fun playing the games, and don't forget to sign my guestbook if you haven't already. Until next time!


*sigh* Ah, yet another year. It's already 2001. And all I've been doing is being lazy this winter break. lol. Well I have also been playing The Sims. You know I completely forgot to decorate my page for x-mas and New Year. lol. I even forgot all about the website. But that's enough, I really didn't do anything to the page but add a new pic that I made last night while I watched The Langoniers. Well look around and you know the rest. Sign the guest book if you haven't, is you want to e-mail me just clik on the e-mail thing at the bottom, blah blah blah. I'm bored what can I say?


Well my cous, Jesus, is here from cali.ANd I'm here updating my page. The games link is kinda messed up and the games aren't working right, so I'm going back and fix those and add some new ones by the end of the week, so you can be expecting new games. And if you don't sign my guestbook then I have 2 words for you. If you do I have 2 words for you too, and those are "thankyou". Well I'll finish up lata. Look around and you know the rest. Blah, blah, blah...


Well as you can see I have updated my page. I have 2 "new" links that I have posted up now. One is Contents which was supposed to have been up here a looong time ago, and a picture gallery which really has been up here just that it wasn't linked in every page of the site. I need more ideas on what to put on my site, so if you have any ideas do e-mail me and let me know, and do NOT forget to sign my guestbook, I know some people who came to my site but didn't sign, just sign it. It'll only take a minute. Oh and I saw The Mummy Returns this weekend. It was pretty cool so go see it. Getting back to the subject, I also fixed some glitches that nobody bothered to tell me existed, but the good thing is that they are working now. Also Thoughts is now in a frame format. I've been meaning to put it like that for a while and now it's finally as I planned it to be. Took me a while but hey, I got it. lol. And yes, I know the pic at the beggiing is kinda whack, but ohwell, looks like you'll just have to deal wit it. And I also added a link to "New News" In case the bg is bothering your eyes just clik on the link at the very top of the page called "New News" and it will take you to it. I will add more people to my page too during the summer. Well hope you liked the changes. Till later.


Well, I am in the proccess of updating my web page. After like 4 months..but Hey, better late than never. I am going to add 2 people to the web page. Also I will get my cousin' pics up here before the weekend is over. I also tried to get the pics to not be so freakin blurry, but it didn't work. Well, I'm going to go take a break, and then continue updating as I go, but before the end of the weekend, all changes should be made. :) Have fun and look around freely, and don't forget to sign the guesbook if you haven't already.


I have finally decided to update my webpage! Yay! So after a whole long year and 3 months I came up with this. I decided to change the lay out on the web page, and actually upload the pics that are missing that I never got to upload. So you can go and check out the gallery. I did not update any of the people's bio or anythig. I'm just gonna leave it like that because I'm a lazy bum, but I did however add a new person to the list and took off some off the list. Oh, and I decided to reload the thoughts section of the page, because even if they are lame they will give you something to do when you are really bored. Another thing that I found was "Time Menace" which is a story that I began writing when I was in 7th grade, but I never got to it. *Shrug* oh well, you can read like the first and only two pages that I have written. So anyways, I hopw you guys like the new page lay out. Have fun and don't get too bored!

-Juan R. Mora-