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Well there is not much to say about me. Hmmm, I like to write. I wrote a script March 2002, The Seilida & Justine Prophecies , and I am in the process of the preproduction for that film. I took French for two years, and then I stopped so I don't really remember much from that. Both my parents are from Guadalajara, Mexico, but I was born in L.A. Yup. I like to act, even though I'm not really that great at it, and usually I prefer being the villain in movies than being the hero. Another thing I like to do is play the viola. yes, I know, I am an orcha-dork, but oh well. But that's about it from me. Most of you guys know most of this stuff anyways.

Random Facts

Favorite food: Pizza
Favortite fast Food: Burger King
Dream Car: Lamborghini Diablo
Trained in Acting: John Robert Powers
1st time I won in a writing contest: 5th grade for Fiction and Poetry, both 1st place.
First built this page: 1998
Nearly died: 2 times
First AIM screen name: jmora2ar
Times been in an amulance: 4
Dream Career: Producer!!!