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Mexico is a very great palce. It is so different then the U.S. Some people think of Mexico as the messed up country with contaminated water, robberies, mafia, druggies, a place of horror. But it's just like any other country. They handle the contaminated water. There is nothing wrong with the water that they drink. Also every country has crime rates. It's all over the world. What I am saying is that Mexico is not a bad place. Yea, it has it's down sides, but there are also it's good sides just like the U.S. The U.S. also has it's down sides and good sides. Mexico is however in some ways distinct. Education varies depending on what part of Mexico you are in. Also where Ihave visited, kids have more freedom to go where they want. I find it very fun. I like it over there. People are civilized and in cities they do wear normal clothes. Below is a pic of a park that is in my grandma's neighborhood that I took.

See it's very pretty, nothing is contaminated. Also stores are like really close to your house. For example: my uncle has a store to his left. All he has to do is walk next door and buy groceries. Or My other uncle lives in a house above a store. It's this one right here that I also took last summer:

That's a store. It has about everything. Above the store is a house and that's where my uncle lives. So lucky him all he has to do is go downstairs! Oh yea and Mexico does have malls. Everything is cheap too. There is a stadium like 5 or 10 minutes from my uncles house were they play soccer it's pretty big. I'll add to this a s time goes by. For now here is another pic that I took before I crossed the street. And another of Guadalajara's city from a mountain view I took when I was in car!