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March '00

Sunday, March 19,2000

Things To Think About:

People sometimes get their feelings mixed up. They think they want something but they really want something else that is completely the opposite. You think your bored but you may really be anxious. You know? You have to think really hard and analyse things so that you won't do something you don't want. If you think you want something ask yourself what is the purpose of getting it and what is it to your benefit and why you want it. Do it because you might make a big mistake that will not only affect you, but others. And if you think you want to do something, ask yourself the same questions and becareful cause again, you might make a mistake that will not only affect you but others. And it will male things really bad and next thing you know it's something you didn't want to do afterall you were just confused. So you got to learn to think straight.

Tuesday, March 21,2000

Things To Think About:

You know I have heard of all these nice people. People that really care for others. People that help other people besides their friends. My friend told me about how she had all these problems this one day and everyone was putting her down and how this person that she didn't even know came up to her and comforted her and made her feel better. This person was really kind. And I started thinking, you know people like that could really be a good thing to have extra in this world. I'm doing my best to not cut people down, and I think I'm doing good. I would say things when I'm joking but bnot to be mean like other people that really have no reason at all to say it. Well anyway I just thought I had to let everyone know about this.

Monday, March 27,2000

Things To Think About:

Things happen for a reason. You can't live and die without making mistakes, you can't live and die without insulting someone,and you can't live and die without facing obstacles. Life isn't perfect;it isn't intended to be. You need to be aware that things will happen and you need to be prepared to face the problems. You really just need to set it aside. Don't let it bother you all day. Later come back to it but don't be thinking about it all day. It will ruin your day. Like I have said before: if you can't fix it there is no need to be worrying about it its there and it will not go away; if you can fix it then why worry? Life isn't fair and you got to face the fact. We all learn from experience and will not do the same mistake 99% of the time. Don't stress out over your problems. Live everyday as if it were to be your last.

"Yesterday is a canceled check; tomorrow is a promissory note; today is the only cash you have in your pocket - so spend it wisely." - Kay Lyons