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Life Spent


*This is dedicated for all those listed in my journal entry of June 2,2000*
As time spins round and round
I look and see my friends around.
These wonderful three years have been my best
But it's time to leave this friendship rest.
I'll have you all here in my heart
Forever I will carry these memories of joy.
I'll miss you all and hope you know
That I will never let this go.
Please don't cry and be so sad
Cause I can barely bear the pain of the joys I've had.
Having to say "good-bye" is harsh enough
But even if I tried I could not be tough.
I will never forget any of you!

"Time Is Precious"

Time is precious
That I know
I have spent it wisely
For I have spent it with you
When I'm lost
I look for you
And when I do
I find my way
When I cry you are there
To hold me in your arms for consolation
You are there and loved me through the times
Time is precious you must spend it wisely
And I know I have for
I have spent my time
With you

"Talk With Life"

"Why are you so sad?"
"Why should I be happy?"
"What have you accomplished in your life?"
"To fail"
"Who are you now?"
"Was I anyone at all?"
"Why do you fake your laugh?"
"Because I have nothing to laugh at"
"Why do you hate me?"
"Because you took her away"
"It was supposed to be it was out of my reach"
"Out of your reach, how?"
"I don't handle love"
"But it's a part of life"
"Tell me what have you done and not regreted?"
"Fallen in love"
"What have you done that youhave regreted?"
Fallen in love"
"Love hurts and is wonderful and it's part of my work"
"You learn from experience"


You spoke the words
You raised my hopes
You lit my life
Yet you destroy my life at the same time
You have the nerve to say good-bye
You betrayed me
Showed the worst in life to me...


In my days
The sky is blue
The sun is bright
And in the night
The sky is brightly lit
By the stars and moon

And hope you will soon
Be here by me
And I pray that you will see
The same light in your days
And not care of what everyone else says

And then you'll see
That you love me
In just the same way
Of that in everyday

Then I'll wake up again
From this sleepless dream
Of having you love me too
But when I look to my side
I'll see the familiar smile I saw
Just right before in my daydream


I close my eyes,
I raise my chin.
With all goodbyes,
I stand to win.

The time has been,
A new Life is near.
I know I can,
Make a new life here.

The wind will carry me,
To a place far beyond belief.
I know this place will be,
A place of my soul's complete relief.

My arms are stretched out far and wide,
I'm ready to be taken far away.
I'm ready now, let me fly,
I'm ready for my flight, so don't delay.

The strong, soft wind has a grasp on me,
I'm being taken to that better place.
I can see far now, on what's to be,
This is the most glorious of all days.

My soul's replenished with faith and all that's good.
I have conquered the ordeals on which I stood.
I take in a breath, and my heart is warm, its no longer cold.
I release my breath, I can feel my heart, its strong and bold.

I open my eyes and there you are,
Standing right here next to me.
I know that we have come so far,
And I'm glad, for you are now in my heart with me.

Response to Christina's: "Cloud Nine"

Dreams are wonderful beyond belief
They fill your heart with faith and hope
A dream is not so hard to hold
All you need is something in which to hope
This cloud that's full with dreams of which you speak
It's not as far as it may seem
It's right around the corner
Let me show you where it is
Just place your hand in mine
And I will take you to Cloud Nine


Here's the beginning, here is the end.
My knees are unsteady, they're starting to bend.
Here is my laughter, here is my cry.
My wings are spread out, so why don't I fly?

Here I succeed, here's where I fail.
Life has become only a series of tales.
Here is my joy, here is depression.
My heart only has the best of intentions.

Every day goes by...

People are full with laughs and with tears,
They live forever hiding with pain and with fear.

When the sun...

People all run and hide in their rooms,
They dread that one day they'll meet their own dooms.

At the rise of a...

People go and people come.
They achieve pain, and then they claim they're done.

Here's where I am, here's where I'm not.
Its all in one's mind: Its only a thought.
Here's where one's happy, here's where one's sad
You decide what to be, and I chose to be glad.

"To Hope, To Dream"

I like to hope and I like to dream
And make life bigger than it seems.
I like to believe that my heart will never hurt again
It may well happen once again, and he will suffer through the pain.

My dreams are happy and overfilled with love,
And we make a smooth road from the one that's rough
My hopes are high for you and I,
And I hope together we well reach Cloud Nine.

My days are long if I'm not with you,
And think about you is all that I can do.
To hope that I will have you soon with me...
This is the person that you make me be.

There are no words, the thought is short, but the feeling is too strong.
To believe it's true, to pray it's right, I dream that nothing can go wrong
I'm just not complete, when you're not here by my side,
I want you here, I need you by my side.

To hope, to dream, I love it all the same.
To hope, to dream, my love is not a game.
To hope, to dream, I love you with great might.
To hope, to dream, I wish for all this to go right.

"To Love"

To rise above the rest,
To become someone that's the best,
To feel nothing can go wrong,
To feel right where you belong,
That's to love.

To feel you'd give it all,
To catch her when she falls,
To shield her from the rain,
To take in all her pain,
That's to love.

To feel so empty when she's gone,
To have our hearts form such strong bond,
To need to hold her all the time,
To have thoughts of her fill your mind.
That's to love.

To feel the power of a friend,
To know she'll always be a friend,
To know that someone cares for you,
To know someone will always stand by you,
That's to love.