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Jimmy's full name is James Kenneth R.(last name- unknown)He was born on March 3, 1986.He is a smart scary big word user.He is usually the person that confuses me and then TRIES to explain me what he is trying to say.Of course it takes me a couple of hours for me to start understanding.His favorite class is science.He is one of the very little friends that are boys.(almost all of them are girls for some weird reason)He supposingly says I have few friends that are girls,few that are boys, and few that are martians. He's the one that came up w/the time thing and the conversation of what would happen if Saddam Hussein decided to make biological weopons to take over the world.(scary thought)But anyway that's just a little bit about Jimmy. He left to another school last year. So that's kinda bad. He would have helped a lot this year. Well this is a bit about Jimmy.