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January '00

Tuesday, January 04,2000

Things To Think About:

Have you ever heard the saying "friends make the world go 'round?" Well I was talking to this friend the other day, then all of a sudden she started talking about all this weird stuff. And then all of a sudden she said, "You know? Friends are like the ultimate thing in life!" And I answered with a "I guess so." But when you really think about's true. Everyone needs someone to talk to, depend on, to look up to, to talk to, to comfort them. A friend is a vital thing in life. I also think that they are people you can look for for advice. imagine yourself for a minute with out friends. No one to talk to. What would you do? See? We all need friends. We all need to be friends.

"Friends make the world go 'round."

Saturday, January 08,2000

Things To Think About:

You know we sometimes need to work as a team. We might sometimes need to unite to accomplish something. It doesn't always work if you do it or go through a situation by yourself. That's why family is always the ggod thing. Your family is very important. Some people might have problems with them but that's why you need to talk to them. You need to make them talk to you. If it really is important to you then you will do the best you can to get them to listen to you. Cause a family isn't just something you can set yourself apart from. We need to spend time with them and enjoy them. Help eachother out. Whether you go through hard times or good times, fun times or frustrating times, you need to set time apart to have fun with your family.

"Unity makes force"

Tuesday, January 14,2000

Things To Think About:

You know how they say that we need to become responsible? Well I find that very true. We need to learn how to be responsible. Take actions for ourselves, and not wait for things to ome to you out of thin air. You need to take responsibility for your actions and not blame other people. Responsibility is something very important for us. It helps us be organized, we know what we are doing, we become independent instead of depending on someone else. I believe that if you are able to read this message and understand all the words written on this page then you are able to become responsible. It is not hard to be responsible. It is not a matter of not being able. It's a matter of wanting. And we can all accomplish anything if we set our minds on it. You can loose a lot of things if you are not responsible.

"Responsibility equals the price of greatness." -Winston Churchill

Monday, January 24,2000

Things To Think About:

You know when you have a problem or something that someone is doing or did is bothering you the best thing to do is talk. Don't let other people do the talking for you. Rumors will develope. Sometimes the wrong information may be given or may be misunderstood. You need to talk about it. If you don't that problem will never be fixed. Or maybe you have trouble doing something. If you don't ask for help, you'll never get help. You need to talk to people. Or else your problem will never get solved. You need to do the work and not expect things to come to you. You need to get to the things.

Monday, January 28,2000

Things To Think About:

You know we must be kind to each other. Never judge people by your first expression. Especially by what other people say. Cause you really need to know that person first before you judge them, because it's not giving them a fair chance. Like Texans, people they that they are rude and think they are all that. I happen to know many people from Texas and they are the best of people. I have been to Texas and we stop at stores, the clerks and cashiers are the nicest.Rude and mean people are sadly everywhere you go. Those are the people that I don't like because they don't give people oppurtunities to get along. They make the atmosphere ahve bad "vibrations". So never judge people by your first expression, especially by rumors.

"Together we can make a difference"