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First of all let me assure you that NONE of these links contain profanity or anything bad. And no this webpage will not upload a virus to your computer. I'm saying this because I have given people links and they go.."is it anything bad?" So this might answer the question.But down here will go through all the links and explain what's in it incase you are uncertain.

Paris: This tells about my friend Paris.

Jimmy: tells about my good old pal Jimmy.

Christian: This just talks a bit about *cough* the budhist *cough* I mean my good old pal Christian, wich is NOT a budhist. Lol. We just say he is.

Ashley: This is the one with the curly hair. Shes my friend that is obsessed with Gone With The Wind.

Rafael: Tell about my favorite pal/cousin, Rafael.

Jazmin: Tells about rafaels's siter Jazmin.

Lalo: Is about Rafael's brother, Lalo.

Luis: the most annoying of them all. It tells you about my cousin Luis!

Brenda: One of my cousins that live in Mexico.

Myself: I guess that's kinda obviuos it tells about me!

About: It is the link that explains why I started a web page , how I started, and it's purpose.

Mexico: It has some information about Mexico, and a couple of pics that I took last summer when I went to Mexico.