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As I look around to see
I can not find a way out
What has happened, I don't know
But what I do is that I do not hold the key to your heart
I try and try but ponder is my best
There is no explanation but
That you don't love me.


I offer love that you won't take
I give you faith that you don't have
I keep you company that you don't want
What do you want that I can't offer
What can I give to make you happy
I don't know, I will never know
You are blind to not see
The deep passionate love I have for you
You are deaf for you can't hear
The words of love I speak to you.

"Who Am I?"

Who am I, is what I ask
To love you more and more
Who am I, I ask and think
To have to go through the penalties of love
Why did you have to enter my life
Just to break this heart of mine
I beg for you to stay with me
But yet I want you as far as can be
Who am I, I say ask as I cry
To fall in love with you


I have wandered
Off to far
And I've trembled
Wondering what things are
Could it be that I am lost
Or could it be that I'm in love
Who am I to trust
These days anymore
What am I to do
To find my way
Maybe wait for you
To hear the words of wisdom you've to say

"Friend Or Foe?"

The clock has ticked its last tick of emotion.
It has caused the last of its turbulent comotions.
Its time to decide the hardest of all...
Will it be to rise above or to fall?
I wish it to end, but which way should I go?
Should I go against, or with the river should I flow?
To suffer the pain, or to to laugh with thy joy?
How do I choose, which one leads me to pain or to joy?
How do I know if I leave my once-loved one behind,
That you and I together will bind?
If you could tell me the way that you feel,
You would deliver me from my greatest ordeal.
For I do not have the courage to ask you myself.
And in confusion is the only place I can dwell.
So I plead and beg on my knees, for you to tell me which way I should go
For I can not tell if in the matter of love, you are my friend or my foe.

"Life Talk"

"I'm calling out to you again, because I need your help."
"What is wrong this time with the cards being dealt?"
"I think you've made a mistake, another card has gone bad!"
"Well then all I can tell is, is for you to take your stand."
"But I can't Life! I just don't understand!"
"Understand what?
The pain, the sorrow?
The new joy of tomorrow?
There is nothing wrong with the road that you're on.
Its a matter of having to learn how to keep moving on and on.
Through the storm through the heaves, you must take it all the same.
You can not always have it at hand for this life is not tame.
Birth and death are all part of the chain,
Just like joy and suppression are all part of the game."
"But why, why? Must this all come at one time?"
"Then be glad for when its over, you'll be at peace of mind."
"And why must it be that I have to suffer?"
"So that when you survive, you can find a meaning in the suffering."


The icy wind blows right into my soul
As the starry night illuminates my most secret of thoughts.
Every breath I take is a release of my hopes,
And I've already began to lose the battle I fought.

I look up and speak to the moon in the sky,
For maybe it shall send me an answer in disguise.
I look up to see the white angel in the sky,
hoping that it will reveal to me my own secrets and lies.

"Oh fairest of creations, that watches the night,
Why am I here standing in fright?
How can it be that my thoughts have delayed,
And my strength within, has not seemed to stay?"

"Strong is a man that knows exactly how to feel,
And who has stood up through many ordeals.
Fright lies within you, but it is not what you fear,
Its the faith in yourself that has begun to disappear."

"I know not my thoughts, and my vision is blurred.
And my heart...within it, many feelings do stir.
What has cause me to feel so alone?
Whis is this world not as familiar as home?"

"There is one specific feeling that is causing this in you,
And it is up to you to chose what to do.
You must certainly raise your strength and be brave.
But whatever you do, do not lose your faith."

How diverse is this familiar of worlds
The one world where one lives so happy and sad.
Its such a marvelous feeling, this feeling you're gloomy and glad.
So here I write as I put myself to a long peaceful rest.
Knowing that through all this, life's at its best.

"No Difference"

From the things I've done,
From the things I've said,
A new life begun,
I'm no different now.

I've done things wrong,
I have journeyed long,
I'm still the same one,
I'm no different now.

I've told lies in the past,
Hoping that the truth would not last.
An attempt made in vain,
I'm no different now.

I am working to rise again,
I'm to protect myself from my pain.
I will come back better than before,
But, I'm no different than before.