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Christian and I are cronies. Or so he says. We met this year and have become rather good friends. He is cool. See I didn't know him last year. People always reffered to him as "The Budhist". All becasue of Ashley Rogers. He started calling him that and soon thereafter everyone started calling him that. That's why there is this background. (Paris gave it to me) But he really isn't a Budhist, we just tease him like that. (We do not intend it to be an insult, we do not have anything against budhist)Anyway I just had to clear that up. Lol. He is an all A student. (NOT!) Atleast that's what he said. He wants to learn how to speak spanish so he can visit Mexico soon. He was born in a hospital in he was born in Broklyn. He moved to Atlanta when he was nine. His favorite subject in school is not French because he doesn't take French. His favorite is though math. Christian likes playing basketball. We've had our problems, but we fixed them, and we have become even better friends. And I'm very happy because of that. And I'll keep putting more stuff up here as mre information becomes available.

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