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His name is Luis, but he is "Bizzie" or so he says. Well anyways he is the most annoying cousin I had ever had. lol....j/k. He's pretty cool. More like really cool. I thought about putting his pic up here, but it came out funny lookin so I decided to not put it up here. so if you want his pic just e-mail me and I'll send it to you. (The same goes for Rafael's) Ok he came over for like half the summer and we had like so much fun. One day tis guy came to "beat him up", and the guy ended up begging for was hilarious. He lives in El Cajon, California. That's in San Diego. He "liked" this person named Ashley in my school. He never even met her. But I was very happy cause he got Ashley's phone number and called, but she didn't answer. I thought it was funny. And he also thinks he is "Vegita", from Dragon Ball Z. That's about it about him.