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Ashley is that person that is always hyper. She has this very immense obssesion with Gone With The Wind. (a very sucky book! lol) She's really smart too, like most of my friends. (But then again there's Christian being the exception. lol) She's always happy. It's weird. She was in the 8th grade trio in 8th grade and is now going into Pebblebrook. She sings really good and she made it to the all-state chorus. Ashley has her own webpage too that is "dedicated to Gone With The Wind". (What a waste of time) LOL. Oh, and you're not wasting your time if you are looking at mine. *ahem Ashley* LOL. She got a part in Fiddler On The Roof, my school's musical, as Tzeitel. She also wrote this REALLY LONG book. It's long, let's just leave it at that. Well that's all I can come up with to say about her. Now you can go waste your time and look at her page and clik here. I'll miss her next year, cause she won't be going to my school. Just thought yall might want to know. (<----was that good enough, Ashley?)