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April '00

"Time Is Precious"

You now as I said before, we are faced daily with lots of problems. And I was thinking about what I had written. And I came with a perfect solution wich I will start using myself sometime in the near future. We have to take our problems, no matter how serious they are, and make tem in to a game or challenge to solve. Make it a fun game were your grand prize is your satisfaction. If you fail then you learn about your mistakes. Don't worry about the "what will they think about me" or "what will they say". Don't worry anymore about what other people say. Worry about yourself, and your satisfaction for a while. Satisfy yourself for once with the relief of one problem less to go. It might sound corny but, do you have a better suggestion? As soon as I use my own advice I will let you all know if it worked well. But seriously don't dwell over those problems. And be happy, spring is here and summer is just around the corner. Make life fun for once. Enjoy it while you can. Believe me out of all people, there is a way to get around problems. No matter how bad they seem.

Saturday, April 8,2000

Things To Think About:

You should never worry about what other people think. It may be hard but you shouldn't. You know if you're going to make something or do something and you're afraid about what other people might say then that's wrong. That should never be an excuse for you to not do something. If you are happy with it and it makes you feel comfortable then do it and stick with. Never worry about what other people say. Let them say it. Don't let it bother you. Let them be. They probably wouldn't be able to do things as good as you. And if they can who cares. If you like it then go ahead and stick with whatever it is. Don't let other people stop you from doing things you like. But if it's for your own good then listen to their reasons and think twice before you do things. But don't let people stop you from doing things. No one has ever stopped me and will never stop me.

Friday, April 14,2000

Things To Think About:

Things happen for some reason. I know that for sure. Sometimes you don't see why they happen, but they do happen for a reason. And there is nothing you can do to change destiny. You just have to face it and learn face it. I've been through a lot this year. Things that you can probably not imagine, and they weren't very good. But I got through it and managed to survive somehow. And things are slowly getting better. I've met new friends that have helped me a lot and it's just getting better. So just need know that things always happen for a reason, and that we can not always realize why. That's just the way.

Tuesday, April 18,2000

Things To Think About:

You know if you let your fears conquer you then you are never going to get anywhere. You need to be brave and do things if you want them changed. you can't just sit around and wait for it to change all y itself. I was talking to a friend and she was like I can't fix it but I'm scared to talk to my mom about it. SHe might get mad and hit mee! I was like if you are going to be afaraid all your life you are nevergoing to get anywhere. You will never accomplish anything in your life. You will let that fear stop you from doing things right and the way they should be. If you want to accomplish things in life you need to take risks. If you are not willing to take them you are not going to be able to accomplish anything in your life. So don't let fear take over and stop you from doing things.