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This site is slow to load because the pics are old and faded so they are larger files than I would usually use on a web page. I figured the ones who would be interested in the pics would have learned patience......... hahaha

This is a picture of David Dinwoodie getting his hair removed by Tom Fallon?... though I have been told this may be Fred Fairbairn instead..would like more info. There was an auction to raise money for student services. David put his hair on the block.

This old faded picture was taken February 9, 1980. It was taken day Henry and Janice got married. Chris Green and Michael Pasikov are prominent

This picture was a pleasant surprise sent to me by Jill Lemmond. It was taken around March 1974?...will have to ask Jill for correct date.

FROM JILL'S ARCHIVE: Here is a copy of a photo my friend scanned for me that was originally published in Macleans Magazine, February 1975. See anyone you know? Hope you get as much of a kick out of it as I did! Jill

"The Valley Spirit never dies" - Tao te Ching

This is what the property looks like today


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