Past Performances and Facts about Lysis

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First of all, the word "Lysis" is the name of our band. We play heavy alternative type metal. There's four guys in the band, with Brian on guitar and vocals, Jeremy on bass and vocals, Craig on drums, and Matt on guitar. We just formed last January ('99)in Cleveland, Ohio. We have played at my church, and soon are going to start playing out. It wasn't during or in the church santuary.

I know you're thinking,"these guys are nerds," or "how can you play punk/metal in a church parish hall?." Well the main point for them to let us keep playing there is, do not swear or curse and don't be anti-Christian, so as long as we do that we will keep performing for the youth at the church.

The first two gigs we played covers. Greenday, Metallica, Korn, Lenny Kravitz, Deftones, and Nirvana were some of the tunes we played. It was really fun for everybody that came out to see us and hopefully we'll be able to get a bigger crowd for our next gig. Check out the photos from our gigs!!

We had a gig on the 28th of January. We played all original music (12 songs) and 4 covers. It was great fun but there wasn't much of a crowd, SO let's see some support out there groupies!!

Oh yes, we had the O.S.P. on the 16th of June and it was not that good musically but you guys that came to hear us thanks. We hadn't practiced in a while and that's pretty much why.

The LYSIS SUMMER BASH was a HUGE success!! It was held on August 20th. Thanks to all our groupies, "Dude yer hott", and all the friends that went. Our songs played out really well and everyone who came had a great time (I know I did!) This is the first time we made money instead of losing it!

3/4 of Lysis have just recently graduated from Lake Catholic Lame School. We can now focus on practicing our new sound of alternative type rock. Hey all I can say is CONGRATS to all the peeps who just recently graduated and good luck in the future!! Don't drink and drive either = bad recipe.

To all those involved in the talent show thanks for letting us not perform!

My party, yep, that's that. We be jammin'.

We had the gig at "The Revolution" in Parma, Ohio, but all of 8 people were there. I guess we didn't try too hard to get people out there and no one wanted to drive that far just to see us. It was cool though seeing the other bands. Just not AJ Castle.

We played a hybrid of hybrid at Matts party a few weeks ago.

We performed at the Xtrema Palooza on July 14th. Of course we are headlining the gig and the frickers all leave after their band plays and we get stuck going last when NO ONE is there. F off bitches! We're sick of being the bitch for you people!

This is probably one of the dumbest articles I have ever read in the newspaper. Dumb picture also.