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Matt is a great member to have in Lysis. He is funny and sarcastic and gives the band a boost sometimes when he's being an ass. An ass in a good sense however!

Matt Koshar is a 18 year old high school student. This is his name and playing guitar is his game, quite literally. There are some great influences in his life that keep him jamming throughout his career as a guitarist. These include guys like John Fruisante and Mark Tremonti. He favors bands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tool, Incubus, 311, A Perfect Circle, Deftones, Korn (but early stuff only), Dishwalla, Finger 11, and Lynrd Skynrd.

He performs with Ibanez and Washburn guitars. Washburn being his famous Budweiser Bowtie guitar. Lysis is his first group he's been in, and he was the final addition to the band.

With Matt, remarkable sounds are now proficiently pumping out of "the basement" in Northeast Ohio.