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Hello everyone! This is Tara, (aka: Lovely Sadie) The webmaster. Just a little note here. If you haven't read the story "In My Eyes" yet, you need to before you read this one. This is a sequal. That's right! Jane wrote another beautiful story! Everyone clap! So, my friends, read on. This is good stuff here!

The Chapters:

*Chapter 1*

*Chapter 2*

*Chapter 3*

*Chapter 4*

*Chapter 5*

*Chapter 6*

*Chapter 7*

*Chapter 8*

*Chapter 9*

*Chapter 10*

*Chapter 11*

*Chapter 12*

*Chapter 13*

*Chapter 14*

*Chapter 15* NEW!!! 12/30/00

*Chapter 16* NEW!!! 1/15/01

*Chapter 17* NEW!!! 1/15/01

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