All the Other Critters at LegendHold

Sadly, Devon was called to the bridge after a short illness of stomach/intestinal Cancer.
She really didn't feel bad until that last day.
I would have probably ended my day by taking her to the Vet
to be put down, but she passed away on my deck while I was at work.
She spent her last day out on the deck
on the nicest day of the year we have had so far.
She had a long and well lived life.
A crazy GSD among the collie clan.
Her wild antics will be missed

10/30/1997 - 3/17/2009 Can CH(Am Mjr Pt'd) Sandyglen's Black Mt Debutant CD,TC,CGC -- "Devon"
Sire: CH Adneyhaus Black Mt. Dakota ROM
Dam: CH Collinswood Gamblin Fever CD ROM

OFA (hips): GS-55321G28F-T
OFA (Elbows): GS-EL9675-T
Heart: clear 2000
CERF: clear 2000

10/25/2003: Finally that CD!
(of course we haven't been showing much this year do to my work schedule!)
Devon finished in style at the Youngstown All-Breed Obed shows
with a 191.5 and she didn't even do a finish on the recall!

11/09/2002: Make that CD leg #2 with a 182 at the Columbus All-breed Training Club shows. Not pretty, with the wild forging girl bumping into me at every turn, ... but we'll take it!

July 28, 2002: Well Devon picked up her first CD leg with a 180.5.
It was hot and humid and after a major rain/thunderstorm (heat index of 105F)
in a metal building at the Dan Emmett Shows.
When I expected to get points off for forging
I was suprised by a lagging hot little shepherd girl.
Poor girl about sat on her tounge durning sits and downs,
but at least we have one leg done.
We'll get the others in the fall when it cools down
some (or go for air conditioned indoor shows next time).
She might be obedient, but she's not
stooooopid to go over exerting herself in that heat. ;)

Jan 14, 2002 - SURPRISE IN THE MAIL! Devon IS a
Canadian Champion. Apparently we counted her points
wrong for one of the three shows and she DID pick up
enough to finish. Certificate arrived today!
WOW what a surpise!

More News!! Oct 21, 2001 -- Devon goes WB/BOW/BOS
for 3 points on both Saturday and Sunday.
This leaves only one more point in Canada for her to finish up.
Thank YOU Cheryl Ellis! .

NEWS FLASH!! Oct 19, 2001 -- Devon Goes WB/BOW/BOS for 3 points at her first Canadian Show.
Cheryl Ellis is handling her and we're hoping for some nice results from our stint up North.

NEWS FLASH!! -- Devon Takes WB/BOW in April, 2001 Owner handled for another point at the Chattanooga KC Show, the only day she's entered.

NEWS FLASH!! -- Devon finishes her Temperament Certificate at the Central Ohio GSD Club, 5/22/2000
Devon at 3 years old, Jan 2000Devon at 3 years old, Jan 2000Devon at 3 years old, Jan 2000
And of course her Feline Deputies.....

The Mouse Patrol....

7/1989 - 10/2008
Sadly Liberty passed away from lymphoma
She went very quickly from a bouncy cat to gone in just 5 days.
She was one of the best cats I have ever had
with the mot self-assured personality ever.
A heart of a lion and an uncanny intelligence all wrapped up in a very sweet little cat.
Liberty Liberty
Liberty Liberty

Justice Justice

and our Newest little MONSTER...
as in Leonardo Da Vinci

Leo is a now 1 year old, and undoubtedly, a purebred Maine Coon Cat
who was DUMPED just outside my parent's field in Indiana at just over 9 weeks old.
This sweet and super smart cat was covered in ring worm
(which he propetly passed to everyone who came in contact with him!)
Unfortunately, shortly after the pictures shown (of him at 8 months old),
I had to completely shave him down again to try to re-treat
him for this ring worm infection which is lingering in his long and beautiful coat.
I can't have another break out in the house affecting every
animal and myself all over again.
It will grow back again!

Until then...You can find out more about the real Da Vinci HERE