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As much as I'd like to keep them all,
it's just not possible to properly socialize, train, show and spoil rotten to the core,
every beautiful puppy born here at LegendHold.

So, I do have to find some other homes
where they can be loved and dolted over.....
So it is with both sorrow and pride that I offer for your consideration...

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Fortune's Pups were born May 11. They are all spoken for.

Some of the dogs I have placed in new homes...
It's always sad to see them go,
be it a puppy I bred,
or a rescue I worked with to help get ready for a new home,
they bring such joy to those who have them now......

"Suzie" - Tomelle's Black-Eyed Susan HT

While I don't typically place dogs I purchase from other breeders,
Suzie had a opportunity to go to a great home and she's fitting in perfect.
Suzie has gone to her new home with her "cousin"
Caesar and the Ball family in Ohio.
Suzie is fitting in just fine and showing Caesar just who is boss real quickly!

"Miranda" - LegendHold O'Brave New World PT,HT,(1/2JHD)
(Puppy from 2005 "Famous Saying" litter - Hint "the Tempest")

Miranda has gone to her new home with Mary in Pennsylvania.
Mary already reports that Miranda is doing excellent
in therapy dog work at the hospital with her,
ONLY 3 days after being placed with her. She's a special girl!

"Chance" --- LegendHold Perchance to Dream CGC
(Puppy from 2005 "Famous Saying" litter - hint "Hamlet")

He's going to live with a good friend of mine,
Roberta, in Pompton Plains NJ!
This little man is all grown up and now visiting
the home of the great author
Albert Payson Terhune and the site of the great Sunnybank Collies!
He is also making a wonderful Therapy Dog
and recently got his CGC.
How wonderful is that!

"Ceasar" - LegendHold Cry Havoc
(Puppy from 2005 "Famous Saying" litter)

Ceasar has gone to his new home with the Ball family in Ohio.
He's already showing off how smart our collies are
by ringing the bell at the door to go out!

"Rhett" - LegendHold Frankly My Dear (n/e)
(Puppy from 2005 "Famous Saying" litter)

Rhett has gone to live with the Konuch family in Florida!
Lucky boy to get out of this Ohio weather!
I'm sure they are going to have a wonderful time with this lovely boy.

"Jibby" - LegendHold Two If By Sea BPD (n/e)
(Puppy from 2005 "Famous Saying" litter)

Jibby has gone to live with Anne in CA.
This silly, busy, boy is giving Anne a real work
out both physically and with her writings.
Jibby and Sailor (the gentleman collie)
are great Collie representatives which entertain the Collie Community
with Anne's great "DOGCHAT" stories
Hang in there Anne, he WILL grow up, eventually...

"Giulia" - LegendHold A Rose By Any Name (n/e)
(Puppy from 2005 "Famous Saying" litter)

Giulia is in Switzerland with the Ramzin Family.
She is Astrid's dream puppy
and a WONDERFUL representative
of our US collies in temperament,
natural ears, normal eyed and the whole 9 yards.

"Romeo" - LegendHold Wherefore Art Thou
(Puppy from 2005 "Famous Saying" litter)

Romeo has gone to live with Kris in NH!
This special boy is one of the youngest dogs
to pass therapy dog service dog testing.
Romeo is a class room Special Education classroom
dog in Kris's school.
I already hear his work with Austistic Kids is AWESOME!

Disney Themes litter - Everest X Suzie

LegendHold Through My Eyes HT,RL1, CL1-H,CGC,n/e - "Koda"
(Puppy from 2003 "Disney Themes" litter)

Koda just finished his CGC at the YABTC on 9/23/04 and his HT title on Sheep on 9/19/04.
At just over 10 months old,
this makes him my youngest HT titled dog to date.

Koda has gone to a wonderful new home in Columbus Ohio.
Thanks Annie for giving him a wonderful new home.
Anne and Koda have been busy playing in Agility adn Rally and Koda recently obtained his first APDT Rally and CPE agility titles.
What great photos!

LegendHold Bells of Notre Dame -- "Quazie"
(Puppy from 2003 "Disney Themes" litter)

Quazie is at his new home in Oregon with the Page Family!,
We'll be eagerly waiting to hear the news if he'll be completing a few performance titles in the future!
I hope they send a nice photo of him and the family to share sometime!

RESCUE RESCUE RESCUE (Foster for Tri-State Collie Rescue) -- ADOPTED!
Meet Gidget!
NEWS FLASH! Gidget passes her CGC test just weeks after being here!

GIDGET has a NEW HOME! She's gone to live with Connie in Columbus Ohio

RESCUE RESCUE RESCUE (Foster for Tri-State Collie Rescue) -- ADOPTED!

Then there is Stanley, the Stan-man...the Stan-i-nator!
Stanley is an about 14 month old rough, white factored sable and white, boy that needs an ACTIVE home.
Stanley was adopted to a new home in Missouri where he has 3 young boys to rough house with!
Good Luck Stanley!

Time & Animation Litter - Brodie X Indy

"Calum" -- LegendHold To Infinity N Beyond CD,HT,CGC
(Puppy from the 2000 "Time & Animation" Litter)

Calum is with a very good friend of mine in Columbus, OH.
He's her little "cowboy"!
If Calum and his sister Ariel finish their CDX's
Indy thier mother, will have her ROM-P.

"Arthur" -- LegendHold Age of Honor HIC,HCT(1)

(Puppy from the 2000 "Time & Animation" Litter)

Arthur has gone to a fabulous new home in Conneticut with the Gallagher family!

"Melison" -- LegendHold For All Antiquity CD,TT,CGC,HIC,HCT(1)
(Puppy from the 2000 "Time & Animation" Litter)

Melison has gone to a new home in Akron Ohio with a lovely family where she is a princess that she was named after.

"Rocky" -- LegendHold Rock of Ages
(Puppy from the 2000 "Time & Animation" Litter)

Rocky has gone to a Wonderful home
in Marysville, OH with the Brumbaugh family.

"Mica" -- LegendHold Sands Of Time DPP
(Puppy from the 2000 "Time & Animation" Litter)

Mica has gone to the Seals family in OK
with lots of kids, grandkids,
and a kitty or her own to play with.
Kathy and Mica also recently passed
their Delta Pet Partners test
so Mica can do some therapy dog work.

"Mufasa" -- LegendHold Circle Of Life TT,CGC,HIC,HCT(1)
(Puppy from the 2000 "Time & Animation" Litter)

Mufasa went to a great new home
just after his 2nd birthday.
He went to live with the Pasky's in Indiana, .
He was to be one of my next show pups,
but his front never matured as I had hoped.
Kathy and Mike had Mufasa's GREAT UNCLE,
Sparky, for almost 13 years.
Sparky passed away in 2002 from a stroke.

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These dogs are in need of good, life-long, loving homes too.

No "Lassie" should ever have to die in a shelter!

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