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We Want to Be Fucked in Our Asses
by Sketch Comedy!!

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The Tender Communist, C G

Really now, what can be said about C that isn't already stated, as loud as the sweet dead voice of Janis Joplin, through this picture.
It has been said by many that, "C has the comedy intellect of Woody Allen and the sweat pumping body of Billy Blanks". Brilliance is the only word I can use to sum up his comedy genius.

"Mr. Heterosexual", Brent White

This is Brent he enjoys eating custard out of his own shoes. Brent is known by many as the Hitler of Comedy, mercilessly slaying all those who oppose his grand vision of "One True Master Comedic Race". Once you witness his heaven-born comedy magic you will undoubtedly want to tear the ears from your head and never hear another joke again, for you have just heard the perfection that is Brent White!

Neil Baer

Who wants their ass kicked?, 'cause if you step in Neil's deadly
way you may just be the answer to that question. Neil is also known
as, "the Jesus Christ of the Lawnmowerboys"

One of Neil's favorite quotes:

Yes, all images, audio/video clips, and lugubrious paragraghs are copyright of THE LAWNMOWERBOYS
(Neil Baer, Craig Garrett, Brent White), and may not be used without the expressed consent of THE LAWNMOWERBOYS.