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Following are the eight principles of bushido: to develop a sympathetic understanding of people to preserve the correct ethic to respect and to care for one's parents to show respect for others to enhance wisdom by broadening one's knowledge to be truthful at all times to care for the aged and those of a humble station to show loyalty to one's instructor (justice, courage, benevolence, politeness, sincerity, honor, loyalty to the lord) How Can We Cultivate and Implement Bushido? In order to balance the martial and societal aspects of our martial arts, we need to discover how we can cultivate and polish Bushido in ourselves. With respect to the seven key characteristics of Bushido, there is not a single progression to follow because each individual has individual needs and because each characteristics influences the others. One way to think about this is that by using our skills towards things that are just (such as helping people that are powerless), we implement justice around us and thus cultivate justice within ourselves. By confronting our limitations and fears and helping others to do the same, we increase personal courage. This is not only the courage to act, but the courage to not act and to be honest with ourselves and others. By acting gently with the people who need our help and by doing all that is necessary and no more than is needed against those misusing their power, we cultivate benevolence. By acting politely we hone off crude behavior. In this way etiquette becomes a part of us and we are not likely to be the cause of wrong behavior. By dealing sincerely with ourselves and others makes honesty integral to ourselves and cultivates courage and just behavior too. Honorable conduct can be the only outcome of following this progression correctly and to be able to follow the progression requires honor and loyalty. This is loyalty to one's self and when others are part of the path, loyalty to them too. "Total loyalty is first making your mind correct, disciplining your body, and in neither resenting or blaming others" (Takuan, 1986).

VIRTUES AND PRINCIPLES OF ETHICS I. SELF-CONFIDENCE I will have confidence in myself and my abilities. When the proper time comes for me to contribute, I will not give in to uncertainty. I will have confidence in those around me and give them my constant support and encouragement.

II. SELF-DISCIPLINE The key ingredient for success in life is the discipline of mind and body. Setting goals and following them through with full commitment and dedication builds self-discipline. Whatever goal I set for myself, I will first get a mental image of what it is I want to achieve, then I will be determined and persistent enough to overcome all obstacles that might get in my way or prevent me from achieving my goal. Finally, will train or study accordingly until that goal is attained.

Ill. SELF-DEVELOPMENT I will develop myself to the maximum of my potential in all ways. I will develop a habit of lifelong learning and practice these principles in daily life.

IV. SELF-CONTROL I will retain my composure and remain calm in stressful situations, regardless of the behavior of others towards myself. I will not lash out verbally or physically for undue reason. It is my responsibility to control myself and to use my special skills properly. Beginners will mask emotions. Advanced practitioners will control and discipline emotions and actions through self-control. I will act, not react.

V. MOTIVATION I will become and remain highly goal-oriented throughout my life.

VI. HONESTY My personal, business, academic, and family life will be conducted honestly, and will not accommodate lying, cheating or stealing.

VII. INTEGRITY I will be sincere and forthright in my relationships with others and maintain a high level of moral principles in my daily living. I will not be manipulated or intimidated by power, corrupted by money, nor weakened by desire. I will demonstrate sincerity by carrying the Code outside the school and club and into all aspects of life. I will not be "two-faced" or hypocritical. I will protect my skills by avoiding hurtful health practices such as drugs and excessive use of alcohol. I will preserve and defend the ethics of the dojo and will never enhance my mental and physical performance unnaturally (or to treat ailments or injury that is medically unjustified) for the sole purpose of taking part in a competition by using prohibited substances prior to or during a competition or a training.

VIII. COURAGE I will develop courage by opposing influences that can cause failure and defeat mentally, physically and spiritually. I will stand up for the truth and justice. I will not display petty bravery by engaging in meaningless rivalry, foolish stunts or the intimidation of others.

IX. CHARACTER I will reflect honor and respect on the martial arts and our association by leading a clean and upstanding lifestyle. It is not through words, but my actions, that I will set a good example for others to follow.

X. SERVICE I will give unselfish service by helping and encouraging other student, participating in school or club projects and activities, and I will show pride by maintaining a clean and orderly place to train and learn.

XII. COURTESY I will extend proper manners and etiquette to those I meet.

XIII. OPTIMISM I will always be in a positive frame of mind and convey this feeling to others.

XIII. ENCOURAGEMENT I will be as enthusiastic about the success of others as I am about my own accomplishments.

XIV. OPEN-MINDEDNESS I will maintain an attitude of open mind toward another person's viewpoint while still holding fast to what I know to be true and honest.

XV. NON-CRITICISM If I have nothing positive to say about a person. I will say nothing.

XVI. FORGIVENESS I will forget the mistakes of the past and press onto greater achievements in the future.

XVII. MERCY I will always show mercy and compassion to all living things.

XVIII. BENEVOLENCE I will look for the good in all people and make them feel worthwhile. I will show compassion to all living things and nature.

XIX. LOYALTY I will be faithful, supportive, defend and be true to myself, my family, colleagues, friends, and the way of the art

XX. FAMILY DEDICATION I will continually work at developing love, happiness and loyalty in my family and acknowledge that no other success can compensate for failure in the home.

XXI. ENDURANCE I will persevere through all obstacles and challenges in life. I will not lose faith in myself or those I love in times of physical, mental and emotional hardship.

XXIl. PATIENCE I will not look down on those who have not reached my level of skill or understanding. I will use others as a positive inspiration while understanding that everyone progresses at different rates. I will be patient with myself and recognize that I am imperfect.

XXIII. HUMILITY I will invest so much time towards the improvement of myself that I will find no time to criticize others. I will remain humble to continue my own growth.

XXIV . RESPECT I will show respect for my dojo seniority ranking system and structure, all members of the dojo family and other martial artists, all human beings, respect for society, institutions, other nations, cultures and all aspects of life and nature.

These Codes should encourage individuals to live impeccably with more joy, more choice, and more peace. A path is not without risk, but is not without rewards. Living by the Warrior Code will enrich daily living on our own terms.