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Jeff Timmons

Here we have Jeff Timmons. We know everything about him as well, don't we? Well, almost everything. Seaver wants to know his bra size. He's got those boy-next- door good looks, a smooth voice, and a laugh that could make anyone fall in love with him. What's not to like?

What a smile

What more can you say about this guy? He has the smile anyone could fall in love with, and the personality that would win over anyone's mom. He's as All-American as baseball and apple pie!

Steal my Sunshine

His smile just totally makes my day. Jeff seems like he's always happy about something, and so easily amused. A man after my own heart!

Did I mention the arms thing?

Not only does he have a winning smile and personality, he's got the body to back it up. Gotta love those arms!