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98 Experiences
Have you seen 98 in concert? Better yet, have you met any or all of the guys from 98? If so, ::e-mail:: me with all the details, and pictures - if you have any. I'd be more than happy to post your story and help you brag to the world!

The first story comes to us from Tara, who met the guys on September 21, 1999.

OMG.. I think that this video shoot has just made my year!!!!

Ok, I met two other girls in line the day of auditions (since I went by myself.. like I'd give up a chance like this because my friends are non-believers!) and we went down to the shoot early. When I get there, I find out from other girls that Jeff has come out and said hi to the extras and to sign autographs.. Surely enough, he came out again and a swarm of girls got some stuff signed, but I just miss him.

The video is shot like a concert. The set is blue with some weird metal things in the background as decoration. They have a cello and violin added to the regular band members. Now for the exciting part... Around 3:30, Paris comes out with a whole bunch of numbers in his hand... the numbers 1, 2, & 3. He's got 10 of each, and he's handing them out to people he thinks should be placed in certain sections. So Paris is coming over and he gives me the #3... Ok.. sure.. like I knew what that meant. I find out that #1's were being placed behind the stage, #2's on stage right and #3's on stage left. So, I get into the shoot, getting a seat about 5 feet away from the stage.

After recovering from the shock, I saw that the rest of the people who didn't get a number just randomly placed in the audience. I look out.. and who's sitting there just chatting it up with one of the parents.. JEFF! What a sweetie... As the other guys are resting up somewhere behind, Jeff takes the time to sit out watching the people file in.

So after everyone takes there place, the guys finally come out and everyone's cheering. I've never been so excited in my life. We go through the first take of the video. Drew's on the very left, then Nick, Justin and Jeff. They're sitting on stools and their band is behind them. The music starts and fake snow starts to fall. The song's really sweet, sort of a slower song, but not like "I Do", more like "Hardest Thing". Our job was to cheer, clap and sing along (once we knew the words).

The first take ends and then the director says we're doing it again. Everyone cheers (and the guys sarcastically cheer since they've been shooting since 10 am.). The snow has to be cleaned off their clothing and after, while the director is putting stuff together, people are yelling out for the guys. Well, to make a long story short, I got lucky with my seat because the guys were always walking around the stage so they were quick to come when we called. Between takes, I got to shake their hands, get some pictures I brought with me signed and had small conversations with them. I told Nick about the concert I went to in London recently, and how it was my first 98 concert ever. He was pretty sweet, and asked me if I enjoyed it and what I liked about it and stuff. Jeff was a cutie too... The girl I was sitting beside has been a fan forever and when Jeff saw her, he actually said "Hi.. it's been a long time since I've seen you." I thought it was cute that he actually remembered her. Drew was also very cute during the shoot, with lots of energy. He was always boppin' between takes with the drummer, and during the video he was always singing over to our area with that beautiful smile of his :)

The video shoot went on for 5 hours... and when it finally over everyone was half happy that it was over (because it was boiling hot in there) but more sad that we had to leave. The guys lined up at the door to shake everyone's hand.... me, being brave shook Nick's hand, then asked him for a hug. He smiled and I gave him a hug and I cheeked him :) ... then I went on down the line and hugged and cheeked the rest of them. I couldn't have asked for a better day!!!

I've been trying all day to remember how the song goes... but I'm having problems singing the whole thing. But here's a preview of some of the words:

Nick: The snow is falling, the city is light. (I forgot the 2nd line) We're all alone, there's no one home. You're back in my arms again....

(forgot some more)

Chorus: I've been waiting to give this gift to you. I'm down on my knees, there is no better time. It's something to last for all of your life. Tonight I'm gonna give you all that my heart can give.

Then Jeff sings a similar verse, but I totally forgot the words. Jeff sings to a small girl sitting in the front row, and later in the song Nick gets a teddy bear from a different girl in the front row. And that's it! I really hope that I get to be in the video.. but who knows what they'll actually edit out :( This 98 experience was completely unreal! Well, that's it.. Thanks for listening guys!


Here is a picture from Tara's experience:

Here are the pictures from my encounter with Nick, Jeff, Justin and Drew on October 23, 1999.
I met them in Evansville, IN. They are all very kind and gracious. My friend JoLynn and I went to see them in concert October 22, 23 and 24th in Evansville and Ft Wayne, IN. Someday I will go more into detail of my experience but it was a very personal one and I would like to leave it at that for now.


Here is JoLynn's experience and autographs.
She and I shared the same experiences (obviously) and I'll let her do all the talking that I didn't do! She does just as good of a job!

Friday 10/22/99
Our mission to meet 98.

After flying in to Cincy, and getting the "famous tour" ( those that have visited Katie know what this is), we hear on the radio that 98 is in the studio for an interview so we stop at a phone booth and rip the page out of the book to look for the radio station address, thinking that this is our chance we head to the station and stake it out, only we never hear the guys on the radio again that morning. After waiting for a few hours we decide to go in to see if they are still there, well no such luck the guys left before we got there. No problem we have the rest of the weekend to meet them!! Now off to Evansville. After the concert Friday night we drive around to see if we can spot the tour busses and figure out where they are staying, Evansville is a small town but they sure do have a lot of hotels, again no luck in the mission.

Saturday 10/23/99. OK, we find the hotel, (woohoo). We check in to the hotel--yes they had rooms open. Our mission has a great chance of being finished today we are closer to it. Seeing as there is nothing to do in this town we decide to hang out in the lobby and wait for the guys to come down. While waiting we meet some other 98 fans, lucky for us there are not to many people here. First guy to come down, Justin!!! WooHoo it looks like we will get to met the guys!!! Justin was a total sweetheart, he signed autographs and took pictures. He talked with us for a while. We ran into Jeff next and also got autographs and pictures. Next, Nick, he was on his way back to his room after working out, and didn't have alot of time cuz"I got to eat I'm starving"(his words) but Katie got to get her picture taken with her man!!! Unfortunately about the time Nick showed up so did a bus load of screaming high school volleyball players. Drew was the next guy to come down and sign autographs and do pictures but due to the screaming high schoolers we were unable to talk to him like we did Justin and Jeff. Well, all the guys but Nick had left for the show that night so we decided to wait to see if Nick would come down before we left for the show but he snuck out the back way so we didn't see him again. Off to the show we go, but before we get out of the hotel the bartender there asked us to an after party and said that the guys would be there after the show. So after we get back we head down to the bar and in walk Justin and Jeff!! Not only did we accomplish our mission of meeting the guys but we also got to go to an after party with them!!

3:00am 10/24/99 MISSION ACCOMPLISHED and of to bed we go!!!

Here is my cd cover that I had autographed--all but Nick signed it. Oh well I'll get it next time

Here are Katie's pictures from Nick and Jessica's performance at Jillian's in Cincinnati on March 18, 2000

Here is Cabby's experience from the December taping of Donny and Marie

We, being my husb. Kevin (yep, that's right, my husb) and I arrived at about 10am on 12/9/99. Security tells us that they won't let us in until 11am so we're gonna go for a walk. Little did I know that some of my friends from my online club were already there waiting our front. I thought I heard some one say "Is that Cabby?" when we walked past a group of girls. But I wasn't sure so we kept walking and we stopped and talked to an elderly lady and her friend that were lost. I looked over at the girls and they were looking at us so I'm guessing, yes they are. Later we came back and they yelled "Cabby!" and I'm all "YES!" so we started talking about a couple of them going to the Clothestime party and were checking out their pictures. We waited for a while and at 11am I told Kev let's go act like were mature, being married and all and see if we can go wait up by the studio. Security said yes. So I motioned for the rest of the girls to come. We waited and waited and waited and waited and waited. I'm not sure that explained the waiting good enough. AND WE WAITED! UGH! That's enough to make you tired. One of the longest days EVER!!!!!! Ppl were everywhere!

Then this not very friendly lady came out and we had to give her our names. She finally gets to Kev and I and we give our names and she moves on. In the meantime Kevin Bacon walks right in front of us and one girl yelled "IT'S KEVIN BACON!" all the girls started yelling Kevin, Kevin and I'm thinking to myself "JUST SHUT UP!" I could of touched him if I had thought about it fast enough. So we are STILL STILL waiting. Then they took us to another section where we waited and then saw our neighbor. He said "HI!" for a second then left us again. Then I see my friends from the club walk by (we got separated, obviously) and I'm all "HEY! Where you guys going?" One of them is motioning us to come on, come on. We came and then the scary lady, I mean, the not so friendly looking lady says she has 8 ppl and Kevin's all no we have 10 ppl, she's not counting us. I told him don't worry about it if we don't get in we can go xmas shopping instead. We got up to this other person and he's all "Who are these ppl? They weren't with you guys this morning." I said that we had walked up to Starbucks and everyone else was all they are with us. After 5 mins and checking with this person and that one we got IN. Woohoo! Close call!

We get into the waiting area where we get to watch the guys rehearse on these monitors. They sang "This Gift" 3 times. Then they let us into the studio and we finally get to sit. My feet were killing me. I hadn't sat for hours. Then they start by giving us room temp. Snapple. Ewwww! Thank goodness I had water in my backpack. Then they gave us Playstation shirt but the ppl behind us didn't get one because they had black and white and started give ppl 2, one of each color. I have never seen anything so DISORGANIZED! Then they start the show and all I cared about is when are the guys coming out. They had this girl on who is in remission from leukemia. And how she couldn't fly because of her illness so she couldn't see her baby cousin. So they flew her sweet little cousin to her and surprised her on the show. Me, also being a mom, started boohooing. I'm all "Why are they doing this today, now". FINALLY! I see the guys to the right of us about to come out.

All the girls started screaming. UGH! They are shaking hands with ppl and taking pics and then they get ready to sing. I have to tell you this part. Before they came out I wanted to sit next to one of my friends so I switched places with Kevin. So then the lady that Kevin is now sitting next to switches places with someone else. A SCREAMER!!!! Need I say more. She was screaming so loud it was piercing through my head. I wanted to tell her to shut up so bad. I did look at my friend and said I wish she would "SHUT UP!" Kevin was taking it all very well. He started covering his ears. I told him I'd trade places with him but he said it was ok. OK! Fine!. The guys sing and they sounded so great. Just like on the CD. Crystal Clear! They looked great! Wore black and white. They didn't interact with the audience too much. They did look up occassionly. But there was alot of stuff going on with meeting ppl and taking pics. Their was this other girl a couple rows behind us and over about 4 seats that kept yelling she's the one that gave them the bear. Jeff acknowledges her and says thank you very much. They do a little interview. They are going on vacation starting 1/1/00! Much needed I might add. In Feb. they are starting album #4. I'm looking forward to that.

Nick and Drew's grandparents were in the front row. There were ALOT of VIP. After the interview Nick was eating something and he holds it up, like you want one. Heck ya! I haven't eatin all day, bring that over here gorgeous. Come SHARE with me!!!!!!!!! After a couple more minutes they left. :(

PS - I watched the show on 12/23 and this was straight from Nick's mouth "We dedicate this to you Brittany and also Carolyn today". Brittany was the little girl and Carolyn, well, I have been dreaming that it was for me. I'll never know but I can dream.....

Here's Renee's experience from GMA and Macy's Parade

Hey Everyone..
i was at GMA and the parade but im gunna try to make this pretty short!! Ok well first the parade was soo cool...except it was raining and freezing! i got theer at like 5:30 and gotm frwont row good seats...i had to wait till 11:45 till 98 got there!! uhh i was like dying but when they did get theer...their float stopped RIGHT IN FRONT of us! Nick and Jeff were on the other side but Drew and Justin were on our frined had a sign tah twe have had at all 5 concerts B4 "Jeff its All Bcuz Of U" and he like luved it B4 and Drew like tapped him on the shoulder and jeff came over to ourt side and read it and wa slike thanks so much and we took wicked cute pics and then i got on my frineds shoulders lol...cuz we dewcided to chase their float and i got to see thm perform...but the best part was GMA..

At first it kinda sucked bcuz we got theer at 4Am..this 1st ones theer...and when tehy let ppl in..i guess ther were like 23 girls that HAd to get on even tho we were on the RSVP list...and they messed up out reservations so we were stuck OUTSIDE finally we started complaining and these nice ppl let me go in front of them so i had like front row..but in back of those girls that gor to sit on the stage...they came out at like 6:30 and did a was sooo cute jeff was singing "i thought id but u somehtign shiny and new" like waring up and it was soo high it was adorable and it was cute cuz justin saw the sign taht said "the gift i want for christmas is 98" and he was like looking over at me and stuff he was so sweet!

but neways when tey came out for the show...during commerical breaks they signd autographs...I didnt get jeffs tho cuz by the time i got the pic he was on the other side of the stage...i dunno if justin remeberd me fro, the parade or somehting bcuz he leaned over all the girls on the stage to get the pic from my hand it was so cute..i was like i luv u so much and hes like thanks sweetie...=) and nick ahh he is soo gorgeous! but drew took the pic outta my hand too and i got to touch him =)..he was so cute..

but the best part was when jeff was cracking up at somehting i have no clue what! but his dimples were like showing so bad and he had the biggets smile on! it was soooo cute!! and durning "I do" when nick was singing jeff had his head down and eyes closed and was like bopping his head got likr 10 pics of that! lol..
but it was so depressing cuz my frined had a sign that said "can i please have a hug" and nick told her to come up on the stage to get one but the security wouldt let her" =(..

but newayz after friends had all written a note to them...and im so stupid and forgot to give it to them durning the show..but newzy their drivers window was open when they got into the van and i thought my friend was running with me cuz she was telling me to run..but she wasnt they must think im a complete freak! the ywere like looking out at me and laughing..uhh it was so embarrassing!! lol but newzyz that was like best day ever..that was my 8th time seing them and i FINALLY got to meet them!~