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98 E-pals

Are you a 98 fan who wants to make new friends? If so, ::e-mail:: me with the following information:

Name     Age     Location     E-mail address     Favorite 98 Member
Favorite 98 Song     Favorite 98 Memory     Memorable 98 Quote     Other Interests

Name: Katie
Age: 27
Location: California
Fave 98 Member: Nick
Fave 98 Song: "Still", "Take My Breath Away"
Fave 98 Memory: All the concerts I've been to (6 so far). Meeting Nick, Jeff, Justin and Drew in Evansville, IN on October 23rd and getting to talk to them and go to a private afterparty. My other favorite memory is when Soni and I got to sit by Drew and Nick's mom at the Cincinnati concert - just being able to watch her and her family enjoy the show. I also will never forget the "stomp", fathead, the pits, or the wall of hair!
Quote: Anything that comes out of Nick's mouth...and never forget..."Bathtub!"
Other Interests: hockey (Penguins, Wild, Stars and my BSB Jamie Langenbrunner), baseball (Orioles and Giants), Football (Vikings) I collect Beanies (200+), travel, Matchbox20, Limp Bizkit, Third Eye Blind, Garth Brooks, The Eagles. Getting out and having fun!

Name: JoLynn
Age: 29
Location: Minnesota
Fave 98 Member: Jeff
Fave 98 Song: "I Do"
Fave 98 Memory: Meeting the guys of 98 in Evansville, and going to the after party!!! Also being known as the problem on the 4th floor.
Quote: "I've gotta eat, I'm starving" Nick after working out--as he pats his stomach. "Bathtub" " I just woke up"-- Jeff when we met him
Other Interests: I also love the Backstreet Boys!!

Name: Lyndsay
Age: 14
Location: Ontario Canada
Fave 98 Member: my baby Jeff!
Fave 98 Song: Because of You(Jeff)
Fave 98 Memory: When Jeff saw me at the concert.(eyes meet)
Quote: "If you can feel what we are feeling,then thats just the greatest thing."

Name: Faythe
Age: 24
E-mail address:
Favorite 98 Member: Nick
Favorite 98 Song: "She's Out of My Life"
Favorite 98 Memory: don't have one..yet
Memorable 98 Quote: "I kind of like headstrong women. I like to deal with a little adversity and have a struggle every now and then."-Nick
Other Interests: baseball (Mariners!), Limp Bizkit, movies, music, sleeping :), hanging out!

Name: Cindy
Age: 18
Location: CA
Fave 98 Member: Justin
Fave 98 Song: Invisible Man, She's Out of My Life, I Do (Cherish You)
Fave 98 Memory: None. YET.
Memorable 98 Quote: Jeff's little outburst in the video: "WHERE IN THIS WORLD CAN SHE BEEEEEE??"...or Justin's classic "Bathtub!" quote.
Other interests: Sports (volleyball, soccer, baseball), Blake (the sweetie who stole my heart :) ), Limp Bizkit, Boyz II Men, Brian McKnight, Creed, blah blah..

Name: Diana
Age: 23
Location: New York
Favorite 98 Member: Drew
Favorite 98 Song: can't pick just one...I love most of them.
Favorite 98 Memory: um...touching jeff's pants at the KTU show...seeing the chicken dance...embarrassing myself during the intro at my first ever concert by loudly revealing what age I would be in 2013...only to be answered by Nick.
Memorable 98 Quote: everyone says "Me and my drum....." or a quote from my August 17th concert "Drewie of mine.."
Other Interests: rigging the CD player at work to play 98 degrees and not the music we sell...pingpong, going online, the NY Yankees, hanging out with friends, flying 900 miles for a Woodstock like concert with smaller # of acts, i filling out an ad?

Name: Jen
Age: 20
Location: Maryland
E-mail address:
Favorite 98 Member:Drew
Favorite 98 Song: Do You Wanna Dance
Favorite 98 Memory: have front row seats seeing them in concert.

NAME: Summer
FAVORITE SONG: "She's Out of My Life"
FAVORITE QUOTE: "If you can feel what we feel when we're singing, then that's the greatest thing." - Jeff
FAVORITE MEMORY: None yet !!!!
OTHER INTEREST: my art, music, hanging out ect....

Fav Members of 98 Degrees~Nick & Drew
Fav 98 Degrees Song~"I Do(Cherish You)"
Fav 98 Degrees Memory~When I saw them just recently on TRL!I was so happy that they were making a come back!
Memborable 98 Degrees Quote~OMIGosh!Anything that Nick or Drew say!I luv them both!I luv Jeff & Justin too!But I luv the Lachey Bros just a little more :-)
Other Interests~I luv *NSYNC,Britney Spears,Jessica Simpson,BBMak,Wheatus,3 Doors Down,the color blue,shopping,ect.

Favorite Member:Jeff or Nick
Favorite Song:Stay the Night

Thats it! Keep the 98 pride alive!