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Welcome to the Starlight Night Club!
We're the Sailor Starlights and we run this dance club. This is
where the Soldiers and their friends come to relax on their off hours.

So why don't you click on your favorite tunes
and dance along with the others or open this in a different
window and check out the rest of the site. ^_^


~A Maidens Policy~
~Ai No Senshi ~
~Ai No Senshi 2~
~Ai No Senshi 3~
~Amazoness Theme~
~Approach the Beautiful Morning~
~Background Music~
~Cosmic Moon Power Make Up!~
~Cosmic Moon Power~
~Deathbusters No Yahou~
~Don't Fear~
~Eternal Melody~
~Eternal Sailor Moon BGM~
~Fire Soul Love~
~Fly Me to the Moon~
~Heart Moving~
~Heart Moving 2~
~Heart Moving 3~
~I can't Leave You Alone~
~Tuxedo Mask Theme~
~Just Dreaming of You~
~Kaze ni Naritai Tai~
~La Soldier~
~Mars Gameboy Song~
~Moon Revenge~
~Moon Revenge 2~
~Moonlight Densetsu~
~Moonlight Densetsu 2~
~Moonlight Densetsu 3~
~Moonlight Densetsu 4~
~Moonlight Densetsu (Tango Version)~
~Sailor Stars Extended Opening~
~Saturn Meets Sailor Moon~
~Sharing the Same Tears~
~Starlights Make Up~
~Three O'Clock Fairy~
~Tsukini Kawatte Oshiokiyo~
~Tuxedo Knight~
~Watashitachi ni Naritakute~
~Watashitachi ni Naritakute~
~You Are Just My Love~
~Princess Kakyuus Theme~
~Route Venus~
~A Sailor Moon Theme~
~Sailor Stars Song~
~Sailor Stars Song 2~
~Sailor Stars Song 3~
~Sailor Stars Song 4~
~Sailor Stars Ending~
~Sailor Star Make Up BGM~
~Sailor Stars Make up BGM 2~
~Saturn BGM~
~Someday, Somebody~
~Tenou Haruka to Kaiou Michiru~
~Tuxedo Mirage~
~Background Music~
~Don't Tease My Dreams~
~Outer Senshi Make Up Music~

North American

~A New Day~
~Call My Name (and I'll be There)~
~Call My Name (and I'll be There) 2~
~Carry On~
~Carry On 2~
~Luna BGM~
~My Only Love~
~My Only Love 2~
~My Only Love 3~
~My Only Love 4~
~My Only Love 5~
~Only A Memory Away~
~Only A Memory Away 2~
~Rainy Day Man~
~Rainy Day Man 2~
~She's Got the Power~
~She's Got the Power 2~
~Dance Mix~
~Scout Attack and Transformation BGM~
~Alan's Flute~
~It's a New Day~
~Jazzy Ending~
~Melvin BGM~
~Molly and Serena~
~Moon Healing Activation~
~Moon Prism Power~
~Moon Tiara Magic~
~Narration BGM~
~Negaverse BGM~
~Occasional Episode Ender~
~Reeny BGM~
~Reeny BGM 2~
~Sad SM Theme~
~Sailor Moon BGM~
~Scout Transformation BGM~
~Slow Tuxedo Mask Theme~
~SM Appearance Theme~
~Sailor Moon's Locket~
~Theme Song~
~Theme Song 2~
~Theme Song 3~
~Theme Song 4~
~Title Screen BGM~
~Tuxedo Mask Theme~
~I Wanna Be a Star~
~Oh Starry Night~
~Power Of Love~
~Moonlight Knight~
~Title Ditty~


~German Sailor Moon Theme *mid*~
~German Sailor Moon Theme *MP2*~
~Cantonese Sailor Moon Theme~
~Cantonese Sailor Moon Theme 2~

Listen in on some chatting. Click on what you want to hear.


.:Moon Gorgeous Meditation:.
.:Aqua Rapsody:.
.:Usagi's Drunk:.
.:Moon Spiral Heart Attack:.


.:Crescent Beam Crash!:.
.:Dream on:.
.:Right Wrongs:.


.:French Luna:.
.:French Scout Transformation:.

~Back to the Mall~