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Pictures Of My Husted Family and Relatives

By GENE HUSTED, Clark County, Ohio
Up-Dated - January,28, 2018

Names include: Husted, Hustead, Dunlap, Bayhan, Pennisten, Pummell, Shoemaker, Mick, McGlaughlin, Grubb, Kellough, Yoakem.

Headstone of Mary Husted [Kellough], apparently the second wife of Reuben Husted. Reuben Husted was from Cumberland County, New Jersey, the son of Reuben Husted and Sarah Johnson. Sometime before 1840, Reuben moved to the area of Ross County,Ohio. The origin of Mary Kellough or her family, or her place of marriage to Reuben is unknown. Stone reads: Mary wife of Reuben Husted died Jan.19 1866 Aged 77yrs. 9mos. 2dy. There is an un-readable bible verse below. Located in the Bishop Hill Cemetery, Ross County, Ohio.

Adin Husted, and his wife Sarah [Pummell] Husted at home near Nipgen, Ohio ca.1890. They were married 12/29/1859 in Pike County, Ohio. Adin was a son of Reuben Husted, who came from Cumberland County, New Jersey, to the Ross County area of Ohio ca.1840.

Headstone of Adin Husted and his wife Sarah Pummell. Dates are: Adin: 1822 - 1905; Sarah: 1823 - 1903. Located in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Paxton Township, Ross County, Ohio

Isaac Husted,with his second wife Minnie Mae Bayhan and family ca.1905. Left to right: Hazel [Robinette] Husted, Isaac Husted, Marion Gilead Husted, Minnie Mae [Bayhan] Husted, Roy Husted. Isaac Husted was a son of Adin Husted. Minnie Bayhan was a daughter of Gilead Bayhan and Sarah Cooper. Isaac Husted's first wife, Martha Pennisten died young.

Roy Husted, and his wife Anna G. Husted [Dunlap], ca.1920. Roy was a son of Isaac Husted and Minnie Mae Bayhan. Anna was the daughter of William Howe Dunlap and Mariah Louella Mick.

Other Husted Relatives

Family of William Andrew Mick ca.1905. (back) Rosa (Johnson), John Mick, Pearl Mick, Minnie (Coonrod). (front) Mariah Louella [Dunlap], William Andrew Mick, Charles Mick, Milton Mick, Lydia (Grubb), wife Elizabeth [Unger] Mick. William Andrew Mick and Elizabeth Unger were married August 15, 1867. Mariah Louella Mick married William Howe Dunlap, the parents of Anna G. Husted (Dunlap). Lydia married 08/25/1908 Oliver Grubb, and a daughter, Jessie married 09/18/1926, Orlando Kellough. Elizabeth Mick, [not in picture], sister of William Andrew Mick, married Israel Shoemaker.

Sarah Ann Minney.
She married Samuel Unger, and they were the parents of Elizabeth Unger, who married William Andrew Mick.

Benjamin Hewitt Dunlap b.10/22/1839 - d.08/26/1894, and his wife, Cynthia McGlaughlin b.02/08/1838 - d.02/03/1915. They were the parents of William Howe Dunlap, and were married 11/18/1860. William Howe Dunlap and Mariah Louella Mick were the parents of Anna G. Dunlap.

Headstone of Orlando Husted, a son of Adin Husted. With him are his wife Anne Rinehart, and their son William Orville Husted.

Headstones of John William Husted, and wife Rebecca Dowler. John was a son of Adin Husted. Located in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Paxton Township, Ross County, Ohio.

Ed Husted 1970.
Ed was the son of Isaac Husted and his first wife, Martha Pennisten. Ed married 06/12/1904 to Martha Jane Shoemaker, the daughter of Isreal Shoemaker and Hannah Murphy. Picture of Ed Husted is Sept. 1970, at a family reunion. Ed was about 92 years old at the time. At the age of 80+, Ed drove a truck delivering wood from saw mills in Ross County,Ohio, to lumber yards in Clark County, Ohio.

Ed husted ca. 1913.
Ed working at his blacksmith shop, along with his son Milton Husted. Located near Nipgen in Ross County, Ohio.
Photo was provided by cousin Terry.

Headstone of Edward Husted and his wife Marth Jane Shoemaker.
Dates are: Edward: 1878 - 1972; Martha Jane: 1886 - 1969.

Milton Husted in later years.

Headstone of Milton Husted and wife Lettie M. Simpson.
Milton was a son of Ed Husted.

Copy of birth record for Martha Shoemaker, wife of Ed Husted, and daughter of Israel Shoemaker and Hannah Murphy.

Israel Shoemaker b.1845 - d.1920, was the son of Robert Shoemaker and Hannah Parks. Israel was married 02/08/1868 to Elizabeth Mick - d. 1874. Elizabeth was a sister of William Andrew Mick. Israel married second Hannah Murphy in 1878. Picture is Isreal ca. ?, with a grandson Harlan, son of of ?

Israel Shoemaker's 1888 Tax Reciept for land in Twin Township, Ross County, Ohio.

Headstone of Isreal Shoemaker and his wife Hannah Murphy in the Twin Township Cemetery, Ross County, Ohio.
Dates are: Isreal: 1845 - 1920, Hannah: 1857 - 1931.

Pennisten Cemetery located in Pebble Township, Pike County, Ohio

Headstone of Joseph Pennisten with 1st. wife Jerusha [ Lunbeck ], and 2nd. wife Sarah [ Hill ]

Anna Rebecca Kellough, b. 09/11/1866 in Ross County, Ohio, the daughter of John William and Aseneth [ Poole ] Kellough. Anna was married 1st. to John Sollars, and 2nd. to George Wyss.

Road sign for the Villiage of Hustead, located on Rt. 68, south of Springfield, in Clark County, Ohio

The headstones below are located in the Ebenezer-Husted Cemetery on Rt.68, near the Villiage of Hustead, south of Springfield, Clark County, 0hio.

Joseph Newcomb Husted, wife Hannah [Jenkins] and family rest here. Joseph Husted was a son of Moses Husted and Content [Newcomb] from Cumberland County, New Jersey.

The Minnich Cemetery is in Clark County,Ohio, west of Springfield, and is located on Enon Rd. about 1/2 mile north of Lower Valley Pike, on the west side of the road.

This cemetery is the resting place for three members of the Solomon Husted family, his wife Anna and daughters Anna and Ruth E. Husted.



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