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This page is dedicated to my sweet Charlotte Mae. She is the most cuddly, cute, loving, sweet hedgie I have ever had. She just loves to give me hedgie kisses. Below are pictures of my sweet Charlotte Mae and her new career in modeling.

Before we begin you need to see Charlotte Mae's "true" identity. She may just seem to be a mere pog, but in reality she is a heavenly being.


Here comes Charlotte Mae in her chauffeured driven hot pink car.

Charlotte Mae posed for some Holiday pictures.

In this picture Charlotte Mae is showing us her adorable sweet face.

Here is Charlotte Mae w/her girlfriend Butterbean doing their first vacation ever in Washington while attending a Hedgehog Convention.

Charlotte Mae in a trendy wedding dress.

Charlotte Mae in a summer dress w/lime green tenny shoes.

After a long hard day of photo shooting Charlotte Mae relaxes in a nice long hot tub of bubbles.

Charlotte Mae getting ready for naptime w/her favorite stuffed hedgie, Maynerd. Notice her sweet little smile.

Here is Charlotte Mae sleeping w/all her stuffed hedgies and her Mrs. Tiggywinkles comforter that my mother-in-law made for her.

This page is dedicated to my sweet Charlotte Mae who died of WHS on January 31, 2000 in my arms. To learn more about WHS and how to help us find a cure and cause, please check out my WHS page before you leave.

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