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the legion of flamingos

The Legion of Flamingos is the center of the XfartcoreX universe, located in the heart of the heart of it all: Cowtown, Ohio.

featured performers include the flatulence (midwest XfartcoreX drag royalty), anal bang (drag/fag hardcore), the woofcubs (poodlepants crazies), and herbert popsoda.

The LoF is the only place cool enough to bring you Ernest movie nights, cutting edge/cutting farts XfartcoreX bands, tupperwear parties, soap opera nights, and baking contests. look for the herbert popsoda brothers' PAM tribute album, and the flatulence's demo revolution shirl style now! coming sometime on x fartcore x records. also check out the homopotato film festival for the next best thing to Ernest movies and fart jokes.

you all wish you were farty enough for us.