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updated 14 february 2000!

What do you call a futonů

That is held together by screws? A SCREWTON!
For cows? A MOOTON!
That's blue? A BLUETON!
That's new? A NEWTON!
That sits in a hair salon? A (hair)DO-TON!
That tastes like piss? A (mountain) DEWTON!
That's sick? A FLUTON!
That's excited? A WOOTON!
That wears pants? A PANTSTON!
That sings songs from Disney's Cinderella? A BIBBITY-BOBBITY-BOOTON!
That sings another Disney song? A ZIPPADEEDOOTON!
That is sticky? A GLUETON!
That comes from a Chinese takeout place? A WONTON!
That sings another Mary Poppins song? A SPOOTON full of sugar!
On vacation? AN ADIEUTON!
That's gross? AN EWWTON!
That goes to the bathroom in England? A LOOTON!
That comes in a herd? A SLEWTON!
That comes in a pair? A TWOTON!
For trumpet players? A TOOTON!
That you buy from A POOTON!
That you sit on in church? A PEWTON!
That is a cartoon skunk? A PEPE LE PEWTON!
That is surprised? SACRE BLEUTON!
That Grace sleeps on? A DA DA DOODLE OODLE OOOTON!
That is made by Sanrio [barf]? A BADTZ MARUTON!
That is used to praise Jesus? AN ALLELUTON!
That is slimy? A GOOTON!
That you wear on your foot? A SHOETON!
That can be used for spooning (awwh)? A SPOOTON!
With a cold? AN ACHOOTON!
That is a werewolf? AN AWOOOOOOTON!
That the Flintstones sleep on? A YABADABADOOTON!
That is on a cheesy mystery cartoon? A SCOOBY DOOTON!
That you wear to a job interview? A SUITON!
That is in the woodwind section? A FLUTON!
That is very polite? A HOW DO YOU DOOTON!
That likes to cage animals? A ZOOTON!
That's not me? A YOUTON!
That's trendy? A COOLTON!
That you sit on at Christmas? A YULETON!
That sings 50's songs? A DOOWAHDOOTON!
That is rude? A FUCKYOUTON!
That is animated? A CARTOOTON!
That eats? A CHEWTON!
That is either a flaming fag or a fertilized flower? A FRUITON!
That a bunch of hardcore boys sit on? A CREWTON!
That cooks? A SOUP'S-ONTON!
That is in a haunted house? A BOOTON!
That throws kicks and punches? A KUNG FUTON!
That was 5'8" yesterday and is 6'1" today? A GREWTON!
That takes tropical vacations often? A BERMUTON!
That says things like "Colonel the Dining Room...with the Candlestick?" A CLUETON!
That a horse with a spotted butt sleeps on? AN APPALOOTON!
That a low double reed player in a symphony orchestra sits on? A BASSOONTON!
That Ned Flanders sits on? A FUDIDDLITYOOOTON!
That is for idiots? A BAFOONTON!
That is for the primates in the zoo? A BABOONTON!
That is in the zoo at all? A ZOOTON!
That plays 17th century dance music? A LUTEON!
That you sit on while eating thick soups? A STEWTON!
That forgets everyone's name? A HEY-YOUTON!
That you'd buy in a city in Michigan? KALAMAZOOTON!
On which you have spilled spaghetti sauce? A RAGUTON!
That a teething baby sleeps on? A CHEWTON!
That belongs to a straight-edge gang? A CREWTON!
That loves to speak gibberish to cute babies and furry animals? A COOTON!
That owls sleep on? A HOOTON
That you play pool on? A CUETON!
That gets lots of Frequent Flier miles? A FLEWTON!
That likes to get to the movies early? A PREVIEWTON!
That you put on a salad? A CROUTON!
That jooge has? A JOOGETON!

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Brought to you by Merv and Roy's Crazy Furniture Building Company.
special thanks to the AlienDiwazzo family, Interplanet Janet and Joooooooge!