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plastic vaginal confusion

so it's this CYBER rubber snot green puke booger colored plasticky rubber CUNT and it apparently vibrates!!! there's this little "TRY ME!" spot where you can touch it. anytime somebody gets up the guts to do it, they like....touch it and shriek and pull their hand away right quick! cuz it's NASTY as FUCK!!! EW!!!!! it's fuckin' DIRTY from so many people touching it. oh gross. this is in NO WAY meant for dykes. there should be a disclaimer that goes something like, “unless you’re the kind of dyke who likes snotty rubber plain folds of fake beau, stay the hell away!” that could have saved our asses from needless confusion. alas, we were two more dykes pulled in and spit out by this vibrating MONSTROSITY ....or, we coulda been thinking about daffodils or sandwiches or the PAM fanclub, instead of "what the fuckity fucking fuck would a dyke do with a FAKE CUNT???" but we know better!!! apparently, sex toy stores are designed for straight boys, not for DYKES.