We are looking for your personal ideas, successes, failures and experiences with various invertebrates! Accepted and printed articles have author's name on work and author receives a free one-year membership or a same issue business card sized b/w ad. Average articles are 1200-2000 words. Short articles, under 900 words exchanged for copy of that issue. We retain the right to edit submitted articles.

We are also looking for your high quality invertebrate photographs and artwork. Digital or color or B/W prints are all acceptable formats for submitted photographs. Each accepted photograph or artwork receives a copy of the issue it appears in. Digital/scanned photos can also be sent by mail on a CD. We can not take responsibility for submissions lost or damaged in shipping -- please do not send originals. Submissions are not returned unless accompanied by a SASE with proper postage. Please remember that large numbers of photos and large file size photos sent by e-mail may crash e-mail accounts. All submissions are greatly appreciated, read over carefully, and if we feel they might be of interest to some readers, accepted and printed/published.

 Elytra & Antenna exchanges issues or subscriptions for multiple non-exclusive rights to accepted articles/photographs/artwork. The writer/photographer/artist retains the right to resell or use their work while E&A publishes the work in Invertebrates-Magazine and possibly (though not likely) associated advertising or other literature. You continue to own your work but we request accepted work not be posted on the web until six months after published. Accepted work will not always appear in the ensuing issue/s and will be published as time and space allows.

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