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Press items

Freakbeat #6 article (in its entirety)

Bucketfull of Brains UK

Issue #14, January 1986

"Syd Barrett acolytes from Ohio! This tasty goblet of swirling, bubbling psych slips down a treat. The heavily acid etched instrumental 'Lysergic Mental Vibrations' is am excellent contrast to the more whimsical joys of the opening 'We Are' and the aquatic lunacy of 'I Am A Whale.' Over on side two, 'Last In Line' is pretty flawless Chocolate Watchband respray job while 'Colors' employs backwards tape jiggery-pokery as an eerie voice creeps in and out of the mix having escaped from somewhere you probably don't want to know about. 'Psilocybin Spot' fulfills the same role as side one's 'Lysergic...' and is as effective. Finally, 'The Lizard' is an acoustic based trip into the mynd of the vocalist who is driven to bizarre flights of fantasy by a brief, and unexpected, FX bombardment. Sensibly, and probably to avoid the unwanted attentions of like minded space cadets, the band members remain anonymous and the murky photo on the sleeveadds to the mystery of this wickedly warped caboodle of crazed vignettes." ...Jon Story

Sounds Column

Dimentia 13: (Midnight). Can they really be from America? Dimentia 13's stunning debut recalls the British psychedelia of Soft Boys, Kevin Ayers, Syd Barrett, and early Soft Machine. While the lead vocals may be hard for some garage punks to grasp, the effort it takes to get into them is certainly worth it. Dimentia 13 have a lot to offer and , hopefully they'll be able to release a lot more vinyl in the coming years."...Charles P. Larney

Alternative Press(Cleveland)

March '86

Dimentia 13's album is a studeous colection of garage/psychedelic and electric paisley's that fuses through Syd Barrett's and Electric Prunes' backyard. My favorite songs were "We Are," "Politican,"(sic) "Colors,"Psilocybin Spot" (whcih sounded like buzzsaw in the guitars), and "Lysergic Mental Vibrations". Brad's vocals have a nasal quality that were in range I felt in "The Lizard" and "Colors" but a little off in "Lost in Line" and "I Am a Whale." Brad also made a farily good use of backtracking that would probably send some evangelists to trying to decode secret satantic(sic) messages. Overall, a good fuzz bomb swirling from Ohio's misty northeast. -John D'Beers

The Bob

May/June 1987 Issue 30
Dimentia 13 -Mirror Mind: Roger Corman finished a cheapie horror-flick once and still had a week's rent left on the castle, so he turned it over to a kid assistant named Francis Ford Coppola and young Frank made his first feature, a nifty little fright flick called DIMENTIA 13 (ed. actually, it was spelled 'Dementia') So much for the history lesson. The band of that name emerges from their low-budget lair (do castles have garages?) with 10 psycho-delic toons that aren't nearly as stupid or cliched as their titles ("Roolz is a Rule", "Psychedelic Mushroom Cloud Explosion"). In fact, this sounds quite okay, even of this particular paisley-covered bandwagon left town about two years ago. -Jim Testa