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The WaterBoy

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Funny Quotes:10-"Coach Clien, Roy Orbison, yes I remember mama." said by Bobby

9-"Watch it needle dick ruuuuuuuuuuuugh"Said by Gee

8-"I am going to hang myself now" Said by Bobby

7-"Look Mama the devil is on Tv" said by bobby

6-"Its clean its cold now thats what I call high quality H20" said by bobby

5-"Mama said alligators are angry because they have all them teeth and no tooth brush"by bobby in class

4-"That boy has a laundry list of injuries" the espn announcer.

3-"You can do it, You can do it all night long" by the yelling man

2-"Now we suck again" by the screaming guy

1-"I like vicky,and she likes me ,too. She showed me her boobies and i like them too" by bobby If you want to have your Quote on the web write it on my Guestbook.

Bobby Bushet-Age 31

Collage-University of southe centural Luisianna

Year in collage-Freshman

Hair-brown and curly


Annoying trate-A bad stutter

Favorite Bevarage-Water a.k.a. H20

Favorite family member-Mama

Titled achevement-MVP in the Burbon Bowl

!!!!!Bobbys Broken Records!!!!!

*Most Tackels in a Game

*Most Sacks in a Game

*Oldest Freshman to ever play

*Most inflicting injuries

Summery of "the waterboy"

Bobby gets fired from the University of Luisiana from his water disturbution agent job and gets a job at UCLSU as a water boy he gets roughed up and is told to defend himself on so he takles to defend himself and he becomes a star linebacker and dose this without his mothers promission. When the Mudd dogs reached the NCAA championship he found out he was playing illigaly and he has to take the high school equivalency test. With stuying he acidentally told his mother that he has to study to play football. He takes the test and passes it and a policeman said that his Mama is sick. So he gose to hospital. After his mom finds out what happened he get promission to play football. At the game Bobby scores the winning touchdown and becomes the MVP. He gets married to vicki and the story was over.

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