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Communications & Signals Dept.

'JO' Tower

'JO' Tower was located in Akron,OH at the crossing of the B&O/PRR and Erie mainlines.
This tower is demolished.
More on 'JO' Tower Here.
Photo: Don Narris

'HN' Tower

CSXT 'HN' Tower in Newton Falls,OH (MP BG95)
This tower is still open and manned 24/7.

'HN' Tower Interior

Here is a shot of the inside of 'HN' Tower.
Photos of passing trains can be found on the CSXT Page.

'HN' Tower Track Chart

A close up of the original track chart for 'HN'.

'RU' Tower

'RU' Tower in Sterling,OH at the crossing of the B&O and Erie mainlines.
This tower is demolished.
Photo: Dale DeVene

Out of Service Equipment Removal

CSXT Independent Sub-Contractor Pam A. removing one of the old B&O relay boxes
near Exchange St. in Akron. (MP BG130.5)
Any equipment left in these boxes became her property and most of it was donated to various sources.

Eastwood Ave. Akron,OH

Not sure if this was an old B&O crossing watchman shanty, or if it was something else,
like a track car shed, but the vandals got to it.
Photo: May 2000, CT&V/B&O connection track