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International Service Program 2000-2002

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America's Promise:   The Alliance For Youth

     At the heart of America's Promise is a set of five basic promises made to every child in America.  In an effort to point them in the right direction and help them grow up strong and ready to take their place as successful adults, these five promises must be fulfilled for all children and young people.

The Five Basic Promises Are:

An ongoing relationship with a caring adult--parent, mentor, tutor, or coach
A safe place to be with structured activities during non-school hours
A healthy start
A marketable skill through effective education
An opportunity to give back through community service

     Phi Theta Kappa has the potential to reach communities across the country and around the world with it's 1,200 chapter at community and technical colleges.   In order for Phi Theta Kappa to keep its America's Promise, we need your help!   Let us know if you can be a part of this program.