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Tuesdays 3:00 pm
Thanks to those basterds at golinq I have to go back to using this ancient site ,but my new design that is in progress is the tightest ever. It wont be done till september though ,but its worth ithereHey I have had this message board for a while so come post something and please sign the guestbook. Check out my best friends DBZ club at Xtreme DBZ Hey check out the picture galleries because I added some new pictures and gallery 7 that has 10 pictures in it. .
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Magazine DescriptionGamer's Republic is dedicated to providing useful, entertaining, and insightful articles on the culture of gaming. Each monthly issue is filled with previews, reviews, andfeatures that highlight the best games, movies, and Anime from Japan and America. Intelligent, off-center news pieces and information about the industry's many faces round out the editorial mix in a hip, graphically creative design. In the words of Gamer's Republic, "the games have changed and so have we."
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