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JN-01 Ultra Rare Springfield Arms Single Trigger Navy Revolver.

Only 125 of these were produced and this is the first I have encountered with factory engraving. This gem is 100% original, 100% complete, and mechanically perfect. All steel surfaces are sharp with very attractive light brown age patina. The grips are superb. One of the rarest of American antique arms... here is your chance to own one of the best surviving examples. Today's Price 3,900.00


JN-02 Plant 3rd Model Front-Loading Army Revolver.

Here is a nice 42 caliber 6-shot pistol made by Plant's Manufacturing Company in the mid 1860's. Although no known Government contracts exist for this gun, it was known to be a popular sidearm amongst soldiers during the war. This example has the rim fire cylinder. Condition is near fine with much finish on the cylinder, and the balance of the steel being gun-metal gray. Good edges, sharp markings, good grips with small stress crack in one side. Functions well but sometimes gets a little gummy. Priced easy on the wallet $850.00

JN-03 Model 1836 Waters Flintlock Pistol.

A great old original flint pistol from the era of high seas pirates, The Alamo, and The Mexican War. So many of these were converted to percussion that it is getting harder and harder to find one in original flintlock ignition. Lock is dated 1837 and stamped, A. Waters/Milbury, MS. A Classic 54 caliber smooth bore with a nice brass bladed front sight, and very attractive age brown patina on all the steel surfaces. There is some pitting at the breech. A faint cartouche is still visible on the left side of the stock. This gun is all original except for a replaced ramrod that looks so great with the gun, you likely wouldn't have know it had it not been mentioned. The stock is likewise very nice with great color, good edges, and only the faintest stress separation along one razor thin line of wood grain in the grip. NOT cracked, just a razor thin separation. This is tight, solid, well marked, handsome, and original flint... Pretty darn good deal at 1,475.00

JN-04 R. Johnson Model 1836 Conversion

The same model pistol as the above, but this one is a fine percussion conversion and is appropriate for display with US and Confederate soldier effects from the early days of the Civil War. Lock date 1843, also has full I. Johnson firm marking. This gun has 2 nice cartouches, is 100% original including original rammer. The wood is VG with a small chip out behind the lock, and a couple ultra minor stress cracks on the back side. Conversion is cone-in-barrel type. Very handsome $800.00
(PS Call shop for details on one additional Johnson conversion dated 1838 that MAY be a Confederate conversion. 419-842-1863)

JN-05 Early serial number Pond 32 Caliber Rimfire.

A great 6 shot revolver for your collection. This gun caused some controversy when it was made, as it was a direct patent infringement against Rollin White's patent that Smith & Wesson controlled. This gun actually was at the warehouse when the trouble began, and so was given an additional barrel marking that says "Manuf'd for Smith & Wesson pat'd april 5, 1855" Overall Very Good condition. Totally original and complete. Mechanically perfect. A great arm to display with soldier or officer's effects from the Civil War. A reasonable scarce Civil War item priced very affordably... 675.00


JN-06 Brass Barrel English Flintlock Pistol

This is a truly striking English flintlock pistol from the 1810 - 1820s period. The brass barrel and furniture make it very pretty and the form is classically handsome. The gun is original flint, with all original parts (no replacements) except the ram rod. The stock is really superb with flat sides at the grip portion which is reminiscent of the 18th century American Kentucky pistols. The brass barrel is signed London: Lock is unmarked and has sliding safety behind hammer: Some pitting on bottom portion of lock: The forward ramrod thimble was crushed and is now expanded to its proper diameter. The front foremost right side of the stock (near the muzzle) has a medium chip out of the wood. This is one heck of a good looking two hundred year old pistol. The barrel has the proof mark of crossed scepters under a crown. I am not certain at what date this mark was introduced but it seems to go back at least as far as 1813. In the world of antique arms these beautiful old flintlock pistols are an incomparable value. They are far less expensive than common Civil War factory made revolvers and they are far prettier, much rarer, and significantly older. A great piece at a fair price... $1,375.00

JN-07 - Bacon .32 Caliber Pocket Revolver

A handsome 6 shot revolver in an iron frame with good walnut grips. Barrel is signed "Bacon Arms Co Norwich Conn." This pistol is an early gun with a serial number of 99. Has 4 inch barrel, nicely engraved frame, and six shot cylinder. Overall "very good" condition being all original and complete... mechanically perfect. A great and affordable Civil War side arm. $475.00

JN-08 Allen & Wheelock 32 Sidehammer Rimfire Revolver.

One of the nicer variations of this gun, this is a highly functional 6-shooter. Has the short 1 inch cylinder and a 4 inch barrel. 100% original and complete. $495.00

JN-09 Plant Front Loading Pocket by Eagle Arms.

This gun manufactured by Eagle Manufacturing Company of New York City and sold by Plant's sales offices. It is basically a small version of the big Plant. These Eagle Arms examples measuring only 7.5 inches overall with 3.5 inch barrels. 6 shot 30 caliber cup primed ... The brass frame still retains generous traces of the original silver plating, right grip has thin sliver out next to back strap... Barrel stamping is vivid Eagle Arms Co New York... All original, totally complete, mechanically perfect, and very affordable. $400.00

JN-10 - Smith & Wesson Model No. 1 Second Issue

Here we have a 22 caliber rimfire with a 7 shot cylinder and octagonal barrel. Curved cut side plate, with a serial number in the 114000's This gun has perfect grips and shows %50 silver plating. The barrel retains 20% factory blue, the grips are superb, markings are crisp, overall about fine condition. Many of these were carried in the Civil War... $475.00

JN-11 Metropolitan Arms Co. Police Model Revolver

This gun looks so similar to the Colt Police that it can be hard to tell them apart. Any reasonable person can see it is a nearly direct copy of the Colt but most of Colt's patents had expired and the ones that did count were not utilized by Manhattan Arms. This has the classic Colt style fluted cylinder, Colt pattern stream lined barrel, and Colt style frame. It has a 4 1/2 inch barrel and all matching serials (2032) . Overall Very Good++ condition. 100% original, 100% complete, mechanically perfect. Perfect to display with Civil War officer's effects. Far rarer than the Colt but less expensive.... Over half of these are unmarked, this is just such a specimen.... $975.00




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