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Hard Images


13-02-05 - CDV Gen. Rosecrans:  Good Brady/Anthony card of “Old Rosey,” ankles-up view of the general in his brigadier general’s frock coat with his officer’s overcoat partly thrown back over one shoulder to show his general’s star and his right hand tucked Napoleonically into his lapel. West Point class of 1842, he left the army in 1854 and returned at the beginning of the Civil War. Successfully maneuvered Lee out of the future West Virginia, succeeded Pope and was first commander of the Army of the Cumberland.  Repulsed Bragg at Murfreesboro and took Chattanooga before Chickamauga effectively ended his military career. A very interesting general. Years ago I had an outdoor CDV of mounted officer’s on Rosecrans staff.  That card was marvelously inscribed “Rosies Ponies”. (Wish I knew where that photo is now.)  His nickname of “Rosey” was the real deal.  Minor tape stain bottom reverse.  $65.00

13-02-06 - CDV Classic Yankee Armed Infantryman:  This guy was not much for show in his choice of uniform or photographer’s studio.  Bare-headed, he wears a four-button fatigue blouse with his bayoneted rifle at his side, cartridge box sling crosses his chest, his waist belt showing his oval US plate is hitched high up forcing something he stuffed into his blouse pocket way down, creating a very odd bulge. Tip of his bayonet scabbard just visible below his left hand. Very plain backdrop hangs down to the wide-planked bare wood floor of the photographer’s studio or shack. Two minor tape stains reverse with tax stamp. This is the typical Yankee soldier posed with no pretense.  $125.00

13-02-07 - Extremely Scarce Brady CDV of General Alpheus Williams and daughter:  Outstanding period ink inscription on bottom front: “Brig. Genl. A.S. Williams & Daughter / Comdg 1st Div. 12th Corps/ Army of Potomac” and on reverse “Brig. Genl. Williams” in the same hand over a Brady  backmark.  Very nice view of Williams seated at a table with his daughter standing behind him wearing a hat and scarf.  Williams was an underrated general and is rarely found photographically.  Born in Connecticut, he moved to Michigan and was a lawyer, judge, newpaperman and postmaster.  Serving briefly in a Michigan regiment in the Mexican War,  he became brigadier general in 1861 and gained division command in the 12th Corps and 20th Army Corps, and sometimes commanded the corps but was repeatedly superseded by regular army officers.  Saw action at Antietam, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Atlanta, the March to the Sea, and campaign of the Carolinas.  Some of his diaries are in The University of Michigan collections, and one is in private hands, though I have forgotten where I saw it.   A real fighting commander, he was given a brevet to Major General after the war. Brady New York card stamp on lower front.  Very rare photograph $350.00 SOLD



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13-02-08 - CDV Photo “General Stone and Daughter” is the period pencil inscription on the reverse of this Anthony/Brady card.  Stone is a rather sad case,  his fall from favor more the result of politics than anything else.  West Point class of 1845, he won two brevets in Mexico before resigning in 1856.  He returned to service in 1861 and commanded the District of Columbia militia, securing the Capital. Appointed Colonel in May and Brigadier soon after, he (undeservedly) bore the brunt of blame for the defeat at Balls Bluff, was arrested and imprisoned for six months. Finally released, he served in the field again under Banks at Port Hudson and the Red River Campaign,  until Stanton managed to maneuver him out of service in 1864.  A nicely posed photo with good tones. Stone looks at the camera with a serious expression,  like he hasn’t been happy with his army experience so far, or he knows what’s coming.  Quite a scarce personality to find in an original photograph, and even more unusual being posed with his young daughter dressed in her finest.  $250.00 SOLD

13-02-09 - Autographed CDV Photo of General Lovell Rousseau:  Fine bust portrait in his major generals uniform nicely signed on the reverse in brown ink. He was appointed colonel of the 5th Kentucky Volunteer Regiment in September 1861 and was soon promoted brigadier general of Volunteers attached to the army of General Ormsby M. Mitchel.  He was again promoted to major general of Volunteers. He served valiantly at the Battles of Shiloh, Stones River, Chickamauga, the Tullahoma Campaign and movements around Chattanooga, Tennessee.  He commanded Nashville from 1863 to 1865 and on Sherman's orders, carried out a very successful raid on the Montgomery and West Point Railroad in July 1864   Rousseau was elected an "Unconditional Unionist" to the United States House of Representatives in 1864, serving from 1865 to 1866.  In June 1866, relations between Rousseau and Iowa congressman Josiah Bushnell Grinnell became tense.    On June 14, 1866, Rousseau approached Grinnell in the east portico of the capitol building after a session of congress. He told Grinnell that he had been waiting for an apology from him for the insults he made about him before the House. Grinnell pretended not to know what Rousseau was talking about, enraging Rousseau who struck him repeatedly with the iron handle of his cane until it broke.  Rousseau was reprimanded for his actions and soon later resigned. He was elected back the same year to fill the vacancy caused by himself and continued to serve until 1867.  He died in New Orleans in 1869.  A scarce autographed photo  $350.00

13-02-10 - CDV Photo of General George B. McClellan and Wife:  A fine portrait of the commander of The Army of the Potomac.  His men loved him, but he was so disrespectful to Lincoln that I wish someone would have shot him.  A fine image of a most historical figure…  $65.00



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13-02-11 - CDV Confederate General Richard Ewell:  Nice CDV bust portrait in uniform (negative retouched). When his home state of Virginia seceded, Ewell resigned his U.S. Army commission on May 7, 1861, to join the Virginia Provisional Army. He was appointed a colonel of cavalry on May 9 and was one of the first senior officers wounded in the war, at a May 31 skirmish at Fairfax Court House.   He was promoted to brigadier general in the Confederate States Army on June 17 and commanded a brigade in the (Confederate) Army of the Potomac at the First Battle of Bull Run.  Hours after the battle, Ewell proposed to President Jefferson Davis that in order for the Confederacy to win the war, the slaves must be freed and join the ranks of the army; he was also willing to lead the blacks into battle. But Davis considered that "impossible" and that topic never came up between him and Ewell again.   He served with Jackson, fought at Winchester and Gettysburg and is one of the more interesting leaders in the Confederate army with no shortage of controversy surrounding his career and run-ins with superiors.  A fine Confederate image.  $75.00

13-02-12 - Ohio Soldier CDV:  Nice seated portrait of Union infantry or heavy artillery soldier wearing his regulation 9-button frock coat.  Image was taken in Norwalk, Ohio… about 60 miles east of where I am now.  Nice  $39.00 SOLD

13-02-13 - Outstanding From-Life CDV Portrait General Sherman:  As fine a photo of “Uncle Billy” as I have ever seen. Has Matthew Brady / Anthony back mark. His praises have been sung by others more qualified to sing them than I.  Suffice it to say William Tecumseh Sherman is one of the greatest fighting generals the US has ever known and one of my favorite personalities of the Civil War.  A bit of obscure trivia regarding Sherman...  In June 2009 Wes Cowan auctioned a MARVELOUS pair of Sherman letters written after the war regarding the destruction of a church in Atlanta by Sherman’s army. The content of the letters was wonderfully enlightening.   Sherman wrote … “…Our destruction of Atlanta was confined to the railroad and the mass of brick stores which were near the depot and had been used for storage & office purposes by the Rebel Army.  I know all the buildings & churches about the Court House were standing when I left.  And I was one of the last to leave the place and at that time the fire had subsided and was only smoldering.  I have a faint idea that there was a small church between the Court House and Depot on the same street where I was quartered that was damaged but not destroyed by the explosion of some shells that were in an old foundry at the end of the street close by the RR track…”  He then asks for more details on the location of the church in question, “...that I may form a judgment how far I was instrumental in its destruction….”  Sherman defends his actions and yet sent a charitable contribution check to help rebuild the church.   That’s one heck of a man.  Great View…. $195.00 SOLD



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13-02-14 - Artillery Officer of the Day:  Full standing view Union line officer with sash draped over his shoulder designating him as “officer of the day”.  Check out the super artillery insignia on his cap.  Ton of photo, very low price…  $65.00

13-02-15 - Fine and Scarce Autographed CDV of Maj. Gen. John A. Dix: His most famous quote … “If anyone attempts to haul down the American flag, shoot him on the spot.”  There is even a Civil War penny token which utilizes this wonderful quote. Very sharp full-standing Matthew Brady view with Brady’s name in the negative at bottom right (the better to deter pirate copies!)  Signed boldly in his own hand in brown ink on the reverse … “John A. Dix”.  Dix is shown with his hands folded on a beautiful 1832 General Officer’s sword with a knot, swordbelt with NY officer plate, and a major general’s frockcoat with epaulets. Dix had served in the War of 1812, but left the army in 1828 and settled in New York.  He served briefly in the US Senate and after the war a term as Governor of the state.  In 1861 Lincoln made him Major General of Volunteers 5/16/61 and that early date meant he outranked all other volunteer officers.  As Secretary of the Treasury under Buchanan as the Civil War approached he sent his famous message to a Treasury official in New Orleans:  “If anyone attempts to haul down the American flag, shoot him on the spot.”   A very collectible CW autograph.  Finding autographed generals’ CDVs in the 21st century is getting darn difficult.  $450.00

13-02-16 - Toledo Ohio Officer: I can’t tell you much more about this photo that you can’t see in the illustration. Line officer, photo taken right here in Toledo. Some stains on card. Local regiments he might have served in include--- 14th Ohio, 100th Ohio, and 111th Ohio. $49.00



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13-02-17 - Wonderfully Contrasted Armed CDV Photo of Federal Infantryman: This image pretty much speaks for itself. If you need a photo of a Billy Yank ground pounder --- here is your boy… $135.00 SOLD

13-02-18 - CDV Confederate Engineer Officer:  About as rare a subject as one can imagine.  I don’t recall ever seeing another.  Photo taken in England so I surmise this guy was someone of importance with the Confederate army and government.  Unfortunately I cannot read his signature for the life of me.  The signature appears to read “Hy(?)  Bather(?)  / Engineer Corps / C.S.A.”.   We know for sure this gent is a Johnny Reb Engineer officer in the CSA as that portion of the inscription is very legible.   My research shows that at the end of 1862 Capt. Albert H. Campbell Confederate States Map Bureau sent “an Engineer officer through the blockade to England to buy india ink, watercolors, drawing paper, pens, and pencils.” (Taken from Field Armies & Fortifications In The Civil War: The Eastern Campaigns, 1861-1864 By Earl J. Hess).  Perhaps this is that man.    I will leave the job of researching further and deciphering the name to you.  It will undoubtedly be an interesting project.  If I had the time I would undertake it myself.  Rare as rare gets in terms of photographic subjects.  $650.00 SOLD

13-02-19 - CDV General George Archibald McCall: Has Brady Anthony back mark. George Archibald McCall was born on 16 March 1802 & died on 25 Febuary 1868.  He was appointed to the United States Military Academy at West Point, graduating in 1822. He was assigned to the 1st U.S. Infantry then the 4th U.S. Infantry before serving as aide-de-camp to Gen. Edmund P. Gaines into the beginning of the Second Seminole War. He distinguished himself during the Mexican War under Zachary Taylor, receiving brevet promotions to major for gallantry at Palo Alto and to lieutenant colonel for Resaca de la Palma. He retired with 31 years service as Colonel and Inspector General of the Army in 1853.

At the beginning of the Civil War, McCall helped organize Pennsylvania volunteers as major general of the state militia and was commissioned brigadier general of volunteers in May 1861. He helped organize and led the famous Pennsylvania Reserves Division, which served as the 2nd Division, I Corps, Army of the Potomac, and 3rd Division, V Corps. He was one of the oldest West Point graduates to serve in the war.

McCall served in the Peninsula Campaign and was wounded and captured at Frayser's Farm, Virginia, in June 1862. He was imprisoned in Libby Prison in Richmond, Virginia. Previous illness was aggravated by his confinement in prison, and after his exchange (for Simon Bolivar Buckner) in August, McCall resigned due to poor health in March 1863. In retirement, McCall farmed in Pennsylvania. He died at his "Belair" estate in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and is buried in Christ Church Cemetery in his native Philadelphia.   $125.00



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13-02-20 - CDV Officer’s or General’s Wife on Horseback with Her Armed Escort:  Strikingly rare subject and incredibly clear and crisp.  Soldier holding bridle is decked out in regulation cavalry or light artillery uniform and accoutrements.  I cannot determine if his hat bears crossed saber insignia or crossed cannon insignia.  The lady is dressed in finery fit for a general’s wife.  It was common practice for officer’s to have their wives come and stay in camp with them, and that is undoubtedly what this photo illustrates.   Really a wonderful Civil War photo.  $350.00



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10-06-20 - Seated Custer CDV by John Golden of Washington, DC - This is an outstanding cdv of Custer in full regalia. He is stately seated with his arm resting on the back of the posing chair, with his other gently placed on his leg. He has his slouch hat cocked just so, in order to show off his well attended hair. He sports his identifiable mustache and goatee. The edges have been trimmed, but the image is very sharp, with strong contrast. $1,450.00



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10-06-028 - CDV of Brig. General Giles Alexander Smith - Enlisted on 6/14/1861 as a Captain and was commissioned into “D” Co. MO 8th Infantry. On 8/4/1863 he was commissioned into US Volunteers General Staff and finally mustered out on 2/1/1866.
Promotions: * Brig-General 8/4/1863 * Major-Gen 9/1/1864 by Brevet (Atlanta & Savannah, GA)* Major-Gen 11/24/1865.
In a field report from Gen. John McDonald “ Company D, Capt. Giles A. Smith commanding, deserves great credit for his coolness and the condition in which he held his men during the fight. This CDV does not have a backmark, and the front has a few smudges on it, but is otherwise clear and sharp. $195.00 AJJ


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10-06-030 - CDV of Major General Nathaniel Prentiss Banks USV - This is an Anthony print of a Brady Negative, and shows a 3/4 view of the General in full dress gear. He has on his Epaulets, and is carrying his fanciest dress sword. You can even see the elaborate ring mounts on his scabbard. There are a few nicks on the left side of the backing paper, but the image is in very good condition, with a small stain behind his shoulder. $75.00




#020 - Magnificent Lincoln & Mary Todd From Life Large CDV Album: A treasure I purchased fresh from the family estate auction of Lieut. William W. McCracken 20th Ohio Volunteers... 1860s brass bound leather photo album for cartes de visites. The album is designed to hold fifty CDVs. Each page but three is full front and back and all the cartes are as new. The “meat and potatoes” found inside are the two MINT condition CDVs of the Lincolns. One shows Abraham Lincoln full seated leaning forward. The other shows Mary Todd Lincoln in as appealing a view of her as was taken. Each bears an Anthony / Brady back mark. Also present is an outdoor view showing soldiers posed around Grant’s Petersburg Headquarters building after it had been moved to Philadelphia at the end of the war. Another interesting view is one showing a European medal. And at the back of the album is a crisp autographed CDV of a War of 1812 soldier named John Hicks of New Jersey along with a separate printed biography on Mr. Hicks which tells of his service in three wars. (1812, Mexican, and Civil). There is also a seated CDV photo of Professor Samuel F.B. Morse inventor of the telegraph --- shown in the photo with him is an electric device but it does not look like a telegraph key. Other cartes include a from life Winfield Scott. Mass produced views of Henry Clay, Lincoln in bust, and Grant in bust, and Anna Dickinson. Also present is a retouched outdoor view of the Union League House in Philadelphia. There are seven CDVs of paintings or statues Christian in nature. There are a number of American cartes showing artwork of American scenes including one neat one of a mother playing soldier with her two kids in patriotic garb, another of a painting showing a little boy showing a little girl to play the flute, Washington kneeling before Martha, dozens of American views of lithos and paintings of 1860s life, a couple views of statues, and more. The album is beautiful though the front cover is beginning to separate. One of the nicest Civil War albums I have found in recent years, and this one is “as found” untouched and unaltered like the old days... and again Lincoln and Mrs. “from life” and mint.... $2,400.00



#021 - Albumen Photo George Custer: This is a crisp from life albumen of General Custer, very striking, and very clear. Many decades ago some enterprising young person took this albumen photograph of General Custer, and meticulously cut around his profile, removing all the background from the photo, and producing a result like a doll cut out. This photo remained in this state until a few years ago when a current day collector mounted the albumen on an artist board backing and framed it. This has produced the fine result you see illustrated here. The image of Custer is just over 7 1/4 inches tall and is very clear. Almost clear enough to see all the detail on his buttons. The total image area is 9” wide by 12” tall. And this image has been framed with an ornate modern frame with an antique appearance. The frame is 16” by 19” and is 1 3/4 inches deep. Needless to say, I wish the albumen had not been trimmed those many years ago, but the result is present and the cost but a fraction of what the unaltered photo would bring. You will be very pleased at … $1,250.00 SOLD


#022 - Group of 4 CDV’s of soldiers - All four of these are signed in ink, three are signed on the back, and one on the front. From left to right we have Capt. George W. Creasey 35th MA Inf. Co. B (Wounded 12/13/1862 Fredericksburg, VA POW 5/24/1864 North Anna River, VA (Confined at Macon, GA & Columbia, SC)* Paroled 3/11/1865) Second is Alfred L. Bates Private in Co. H 12 Mass. Next we have Otis H. Weed Private in Co. H 12 MA Vols. and finally we see Amos H. Fairbanks another private in Co. H of the 12th. He was wounded 5/8/1864 Spotsylvania Court House, VA $425.00 for the Group of 4.



#024 - Wonderful CDV 2 Masted Ship moored in the harbor. US flag on staff- side of hull has what appear to gun ports the entire length. Image somewhat faded but still good. Views of ships are pretty darn scarce. $165.00 SOLD


#031 - CDV Literate Corporal: Our yank is posed with The Websters Dictionary (title on spine clearly visible). He must have thought himself a scholar. Taken by J.H. Young of Baltimore MD. Kind of a funny view - $49.00


#033 - Autographed CDV Gen. George B. McClellan: Nice standing pose boldly autographed on the reverse by Little Mac himself - signed in ink “Geo. B. McClellan / Maj. Genl. USA / Boston Feb. 5th 1863”. His career was controversial - truly loved and respected by his men, criticized by Lincoln for excessive cautiousness, removed from command,. and then a run for the presidency against Lincoln in 1864. He served as the Governor of New Jersey 1878 to 1881. Photographer’s imprint is “WHIPPLE 96 Washington Street, Boston.” $750.00

#034 - CDV Colonel Harvey S. Chatfield 102nd NY also 43rd NY aka “Albany Rifles” & 78th NY. In the 43rd he saw battle at Yorktown, Lee’s Mill, Williamsburg, 7 Days etc. He then served in the 78th as captain, then Lt. Col. 102nd NYSVI, The Van Buren Light Infantry. On June 4, 1865, he was promoted to Colonel, and served in that rank until the regiment was mustered out, July 21, 1865. During his service, his regiments fought at Yorktown, Williamsburg, White Oak Swamp, Malvern Hill, Groveton, Second Bull Run, Antietem, Chancellorsville, Get tysburg, Wauhatchie, Lookout Mountain, Resaca, Dallas, and Atlanta. No Backmark, with a pencil inscription on the back identifying him as, Harvey S. Chatfield, Lt. Col, 102NY $150.00


#037 - CDV Confederate Jerome Pendleton 4th Louisiana Cavalry. A fine standing view showing the subject in regulation Confederate officer’s frock with belt and sword. The identification is verbal and was given when I bought this at auction. A note accompanying states “the index page to the album was faded and worn but it is believed that he served with the 4th Cavalry of Louisiana. He was related to the Tarrant family of Dyers burg, Tennessee.” Backmark is L, L, Prince of New Orleans. Slightest fading but overall very good. A rare Confederate photo… $950.00

#038 - Cdv And Autograph Gen. Butler In An Album Page - This cdv is from the collection of Kate Chase, the daughter of Salmon Chase, and is a fine wartime image in the original album page, which bears Butler’s distinctive signature. It depicts a seated Butler in the early war uniform of a brigadier general. He signed Miss Chase’s ornate white mount “Yours truly, B.F. Butler.” A very fine autograph and CDV of “Beast Butler” aka “Spoons Butler” the first title a result of his ordering all women of New Orleans showing disrespect toward Union soldiers to be treated as a prostitute plying her trade. ,The second title derived from rumors of his stealing silver spoons from dinner settings. Immediately after the war a mechanical bank shaped like a frog with Butler’s features was all the rage. Despite his negatives he was a pretty good General. Most historic…. $795.00


#046 - CDV of Admiral C. S. Boggs. In December 1861 Boggs was given command of the gunboat Varuna. During the Capture of New Orleans, he commanded her with distinction: he destroyed six of the Confederate gunboats, and lost his own vessel. When he found the Varuna sinking, he ran her ashore, tied her to the trees, and fired his guns until the water was over the guntracks.” Commissioned Captain in July 1862, during the rest of the war he was commanding officer of the steam sloops Juniata and Sacramento, with the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron and the steam cruiser Connecticut in the West Indies. Identified on front in pencil, and on back in ink. the backmark is “Rockwood … NY” A most historic USN photograph… $150.00