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13-07-78 ... 10-04-050 - Rarest of the Rare Hicks Rifleman’s Knife w/ Scabbard. Note: This knife is one of the elusive products manufactured by tool maker Andrew Hicks of Cleveland, Ohio during the first half of the 19th century. It is believed he made them for the U.S. Army in the 1840’s, and they are among the rarest of all American knives … less than 40 known to exist. This specimen surfaced in western New York and was carried during the Civil War. The knife has a 9 and 1/2 inch spear point blade with an oval brass guard, and rosewood grips bound with brass straps, one of which has “IXL” carved into it by the soldier who carried it (really cool). Our soldier no doubt liked the famed IXL markings he had seen on fancy English Bowie Knives and he decided to mark his Hicks knife the same way. The grips are fastened to the brass straps by twelve, flush ground, iron screws. The brass pommel cap was removed by the soldier who carried it. These pommel caps had big brass knuckle guard hooks on them which were bothersome as they caught on anything and everything, and owners of the Hicks knives frequently removed the pommel hooks at the first opportunity. Note the example shown in Flayderman’s Bowie Knife book likewise has the hook-pommel removed. The reverse side of the grip where the “A.G. HICKS/ MAKER/ CLEV’D O.” is stamped has a tiny chip of wood missing that obscures part of the marking. The original scabbard is made of black leather with half of the brass throat remaining. It lacks the original top mounted belt loop and two slits have been cut into the back of the body to fashion a belt loop. The scabbard has stitched seams that are in VG condition. The knife blade has a gray untouched original patina with scattered age discoloration and a few minor nicks in the edge. The ultra-rare leather scabbard is in good condition. The body shows age cracks and crazing but the stitching is intact. Of some interest is the note that came with this knife when it surfaced. This note reads “Officer in charge of the mess. See that priv. Bunch has his knife returned to him. J. H. Bassler 1st Lt. Comdg. Co. H, 10th VRC.” I surmise that Private Bunch might have gotten drunk one evening and drawn his big old Hicks knife on his pards who took the blade away from him. Then when he sobered up, the company commander ordered the boys to give old Bunch his knife back. Can’t prove it, but makes sense and also makes for a darn good story. Rare Knife ... $7,500.00


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12-10-22 - Civil War era bowie knife by James Westa, one of the best quality English makers from Sheffield supplying knives to the American market during the period of the California Gold Rush up to the Civil War era. Double edge spear point style with a nice blade and no sign of modern sharpening, mixed bright and gray blade. Very attractive silver or German silver top mount and slab grips secured by two pins. On one side the slab is bone, and the other side has a mother of pearl slab. The guard is a very attractive “upside down wing” with floral or shell raised motifs. The pommel matches with similar slightly flaring ridges. A tight knife. A handsome knife. No play in the handle. Comes with the original leather covered pasteboard sheath in good condition, one slight crosswise crease, but sturdy, the leather a dark greenish blue with stamped gilt border. Original German silver upper or throat mount. The scabbard tip is a replacement from a period knife, slightly darker than the throat, but a good match. A top notch Bowie knife from the early days…. 6.5” blade. Roughly 12” total length. $875.00

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#016 - Fine Large Size Silver Handle Patriotic Bowie knife - A very 1860s Sheffield knife stamped on the ricasso “Best English Cutlery”. 13 inches overall with an 8 inch blade. This is an attractive patriotic bowie knife with a fierce American eagle near the pommel of the grip and the blade having the classic clipped point form so desirable with collectors. Perfect to display with Union soldier’s effects, and a very scarce knife... $1350.00 SOLD