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To celebrate the launch of Heartbreak High on FOX8, we asked Callan Mulvey and Lara Cox to tell us their favourite memmories of the show.....




1. Being told I got it! I was just like, "Oh yeah!"

2. They paid for us to go over to Germany, France and England to do publicity for the show.

3. Monaco. We went to the International Film and TV Festival in March. We got looked after like royalty. It was just amazing!

4. Free movies - we'd run around the back of the cinema, jump over the fence, go in just before the movie started and then bail, because all we wanted was to see a free movie.

5. All the freebies. Getting free sunnies from Black Flys - they looked after me really well - and Vulcan, they looked after me when I did stuff for them, too.

1. My first day on the set was so bad, because I was just hopeless! They had to bring Nikky - our acting coach - down on set to get me through it.

2. The shoplifting episode that I did with Cal, that was really good, fun episode.

3. The episode where Drazic and Anita got together. It was freezing cold, the sun had gone down and we had to do a water scene. We were up to our necks in water and it was freezing!

4. When I found out I got the job, I was like, "Oh...what am I doing?" I wasn't sure if I could do it.

5. When we found out that the ABC had bought it. The show went for so long without being aired and we had a celebration necause the show has finally been bought.