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15 CAL quotes
11 LARA quotes



We have selected some of Lara's and Cal's thoughts and quotes and we decided to put them up on the site. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!!!



"We'd run around the back of the cinema, jump over the fence, go in just before the movie started and then bail, because all we wanted was to see a free movie"

"I guess in one way it's true that bad guys have to come good, but that's what you expect"

"I was about six and we were in a shopping centre. There were heaps of people. I remember my pants being pulled down and my bum getting the hugest whack from my mum. I was sooo embarrased." on his biggest humiliation

"I've been hopeless in the past, but now I'm learning to give and accept it, which is hard. But you have to believe and have faith that you are worthy of recieving it. Otherwise, you'll end up very lonely!!!" talking about love

"I don't know. I've never really stopped to think. I guess I'm just Cal. People who know me might be able to describe me better, I hate the word, but I guess I'm pretty deep. I'm a guarded person- It takes people years to earn my trust 'cos everybody's had people who've messed with their heads and done nasty things to them" describing himself

"People who have an agenda, or are fake and aren't good. They just shit me beyond belief! I've got to get over it but I really hate it. Lara is incredibly honest and perceptive and since I've been hanging out with her, I've started to learn when people are bullshiting. I know when to guard myself a little bit and I know when it's alright to let go" things that piss him off

"I love people who are stoked on the simpler things in life and people who are down-to-earth and fun to hang out with. I love music and surfing and I love sitting and watching the fire burn at night in winter- just the little things in life" things that he loves

"I don't know if you'd call it romantic, but I clean the house sometimes because I want to put a smile on Lara's face. I also buy her flowers 'coz I like to see her smile. I like to make people happy"

"My mum would be proud of me if I was a garbage collector"

"Don't take everything so seriously- that's what I'm trying to do. Look out for lessons along the way ' cos if you don't, you won't spot what's presented to you"

"Probably the craziest things I do are out of work... the sort of stuff like leaving my boxers up but pulling my pants down round my ankles, and skating through crowded places in the city, just being an idiot and seeing the reaction I'd get"

I"I got fired from Franklins "

"I'm hopeless at pursuing, I'm a dumbfounded idiot when it comes to approaching a girl, I just lose all confidence and make a fool of myself"

"You've got to recharge in a job like this"

"I think kids liked my character Draz because he challenged authority"

"They took us of street, groomed us and turned into professionals, so we've got to be thankful for that"



"The shoplifting episode that I did with Cal, that was really good, fun episode"

"Everyone meets at the Logies"

"I've watched Neighbours ever since I was a kid, and really enjoy it"

"My life just wasn't meant to be like this, I mean, I'm glad it has. I don't regret a thing. I just had no idea I'd be doing this. I was supposed to go to uni to study primmary school education. I've always wanted to look after children and that's pretty much where I was heading"

"I felt quite alone for the first few months. I use to ring my mum all the time and cry over the phone" days on HbH

"Neither of us had ever done an on-screen kiss before, so they made us rehearse it. We had to do it in motions. It was like 'Then you'll lean forward, then you'll tilt your head.' We went on set for the kiss and it was so nerve-racking, we both just stood there going 'Omigod, what are we going to do?' The director had to make it a closed set so that we could practise and we were terrible. We were so embarrassed, we kept going red and getting all shy. Then we went off-set and said 'Look, we can do this, this is easy' and we went on and just did it!" her first on-screen kiss with Cal

"I used to be painfully shy. I was so in my shell and couldn't talk that easily to people"

"I mean it's cool, I don't mind it. I usually stop and have a little chat" chatting to fans while wanting to be alone

"It's funny you know. Every girl says to me, 'Omigod, you're so lucky to be going out with Drazic, he's so good looking'"

"I'm a lazy shopper. I just get really frustrated because I am not very good at choosing"

" I like it when I've found my gift, but I don't like the process of finding the gift." on Christmas shopping