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Are you just a fan or an

(print it out)

So many people love Cal, that some totally get lost when his name is mentioned. If you want to know if you are just a fan or an OBSESSED FAN then take this quiz!!!


1. You are watching TV, when suddenly you see a commercial with Cal in it, you...
a) watch the commercial
b) are all excited
c) immediatelly put a video tape in your VCR and record it over and over again


2. You are in school and the teacher sets for you to do an essay on Cal, you...
a) don't know what to write
b) go and try to find some info on him
c) start writing that second and are finished by the next class period


3. You are watching Heartbreak High and you see Cal, you...
a) don't respond at all
b) smile
c) jump around and scream


4. You see Cal with his eyebrow ring, you...
a) couldn't care less
b) think he looks totally hot
c) get one yourself even if it doesn't suit you at all


5. [imagine] You're a musician and you have to write one more song for your album, you...
a) write a love song
b) write a song about fame and celebrities
c) get started on a song about Cal


6. You and your buds are listening to the local radio station and you hear the host say Cal is one of the guests, you...
a) keep on talking to your buds
b) turn up the volume to hear what he's gotta say
c) totally flip out, grab any old tape, stick it in the radio, turn up the volume and tape it all


7. You go to the newsagency with only enough money for one magazine, you chek them all out, there is a mag with your favourite band and there is one with a small picture of Cal in it, you...
a) don't buy any magazine, you're saving money for a dress you saw down in the shop
b) buy the one with your fav band now, and tommorow you'll get the one with the small pic of Cal
c) buy the small pic one, after all, who can top Cal???


8. You have a really nice poster of Cal, it's the only one you've got, and you accidently rip it apart, you...
a) chuck the little pieces in the bin
b) feel sad, but don't hesitate at all
c) start crying and start blaming your little brother even though he's never even seen it


9. You hear somewhere Cal got himself a girfriend, you...
a) couldn't care less
b) are happy for him, it's not as if you have a chance anyway
c) think your life is over, and wish you never heard about him


10. Your best bud has just been on a holiday and she met Cal there, you...
a) wish she'd stop talking about him already
b) are happy for her and a little jelous
c) want to kill her, and then you steal all her photos of him, then blame it on someone she hates


11. You see a commercial for Cal's new movie, you...
a) decide you don't want to see it, after all noone you like is in it
b) decide to see it sometime with your buds
c) run out of your house to get a ticket, and then you see the movie 87 times again


12. You are sitting in a park, and Cal walks pass and looks at you, you...
a) smile at him
b) ask for his autograph and let the guy off
c) don't know what to say, then when you finally do say something, you make a total fool out of yourself and scare him away


13. You watch the news and hear Cal's been in a terrible accident and he might not make it, you...
a) feel bad for the guy
b) have a tear in your eye and send your love to him
c) promise god if he doesn't make it, neither will you



mostly As

mostly Bs

mostly Cs

Do you even know who Callan Mulvey is??? I don't understand, why did you take this quiz anyway???You are not interested in Cal at all and you couldn't careless what happens to him. You are most likelly interested in other actors such as Leo, Ben Affleck and others.

You know who the guy is, and you know what he's doing. Although, you are not to crazy about him, you still like to perve a little, don't you??? You think he's a total hottie, and even though you don't know him personally, you feel like you do.

You need to cool of a little. You are way too obsessed with Cal. You know his every move, you even know how many hairs he's got on his head. You think he belongs to you, and if he ever gets a girfriend you would probably do some pretty bad stuff. Really, cool off.



What did you think about this quiz??? Did you hate it, or did you like it??? Should we make more quizes like this???

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