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People who have met/seen Cal


ok, hi my name is Lisa Pannuti, and yes i have met Callan Mulvey!!!!
In the end of November 1999, I entered a comp to meet Cal at an underage night clubin town called the planet, and only 6 people could win and i was one of the lucky 6 people to win.i later received a letter from callan, congratulatingme and another letter just letting me know what was happening on the big night.On the 18th of December 1999, i arrived at the planet with my V.I.P pass which entitled me to go back stage and see cal,I had fun, danced with my friends, (then at 10:00pm, after cal's stage apperience i was to go back stage). at about 9:30, some models came out and were modeling one of adelaides surf's shops summer clothes, when i turned around and found cal standing right next to me, he would of been 3 center meters away, i was in total shock and became speach less, i said hi im lisa, he said hi back, then i said i love you. he looked at me and said thanks. later on we went back stage spent about an hour or so together i took heaps of pictures and at one stage my camera wouldn't work so he goes give it to me to fix because i used to work with cameras and im a pro. he fixed it for me and we had a great time. he gave me a huge hug and a big kiss he and i had a great time. i found lots of things out about cal and how he went skating with a few of my friends and was surprised to hear that cal and drazic are very much alike. that was the best night of my life and it became very sad when the night had to end if i had to do it all again i would and the only thing i would change would be i would of given him my phone number and told him to call me anytime he was in adelaide. Callan mulvey is one of the nicest people i have ever met and if by chance he happens to read this, callan your the best and thankyou for making1999 the best year ever. 

Lisa Pannuti