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NAME: Jelena Stojanovic
D.O.B: 17/02/???
PLACE OF RESIDANCE: Perth, Australia
SIBLINGS: 2 sisters, one is younger and the other older then me
FAVE ACTOR/S Callan Mulvey, David Boreanaz, Eddie Cibrian, Nick Stabile,....
FAVE ACTRESS/S Lara Cox, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alyssa Milano, Susan Ward,....
FAVE SINGER/S, BANDS... 2Pac, Bardot, Beastie Boys, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez,....
FAVE SPORTSMEN: Dejan Stankovic, Mark Philippoussis, Lleytton Hewitt,....
FAVE SPORTSWOMEN: Jelena Dokic, Martina Hingis
FAVE TV SHOW/S HbH, Buffy..., Angel, Charmed, Sunset Beach


The following are photos of some of the celebrities that I have met/seen!!!

Michael Jackson - seen


Jelena Dokic - ???


Mariah Carey - seen (got nothing of her)

Bardot - MET!!!


Melanie from Spice Girls - Neither


The following are Yugoslav celebrities which most people are not likely to know!!!

Dzej - MET


Bane and Milosh Bojanic- MET


Baja Mali Knindza - MET

I've lost the photo of him

Dr Iggy - I'm going to meet them on 5/5/00


Out of all the people I've seen/met, I reckon Bardot were the most nicest and friendliest!!!