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WWF Wrestelmania 2000 codes

Hint: Iron Man Match:

Enter the options menu and switch "Play Mode" from "No.Sets" to "Time". Enter a time limit of 3, 5, or 10 minutes. Choose versus mode and choose your WWF Superstar. Next, choose "Normal Ring", and you can have an Iron Man Match.

Hint: Easy knockdown:

When your opponent is on the ground, stand in front of his head. Then, run at him. When he gets up you automatically will punch him back down. This will help raise your Bio-Rhythm meter, and will also prevent your opponent from doing their finisher while their Bio-Rhythm meter is raised.

Hint: The Peoples' Elbow:

Select the Rock as your wrestler and get your opponent's health to about half. Then, knock him down near the rope. Run and bounce off the rope, stop at your opponents legs, and press A. The Rock will do an Elbow to the legs but it looks like The Peoples' Elbow.


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