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Top Ten!

top ten
Hey I took a little survery with all of my "friend's" and this is what they thought of the people in my school. This contains the Top 10 hated people and the Top 10 most liked people. If you go to my school and would like to change this then pease e-mail me

Top Ten most hatted people.
2.Dan Yohe
3.(Pip) Phillup Colony
4.Mr Ruff
6.(Gay squad) MAtt, Sutton, Jamie
7.Chris Simmions
8.Colin Barcus
9.Greg Walters
10.Chris Woody's

Top ten most liked people.
1.Dana Hammond is my love
2.Kim Washacks
3.Gudence counclers
4.Jason Barth (hes the tenth most popular kid in our school.)
5.Gary Ritter..bang bang aint bulletproof
Keneth McVay
8.Megan borgelt
9.Melissa(ghetto slut, Latino)