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Prop's go out to Mike Rosino for realing helping me on my site also i hope we can hang out later because of your moving and also for Ryan Hammond for just being cool. Um Ryan Koehler, Brad Wobser, Gary Riter, the people that think im cool and Eric Weaver. Also a major thanks to Blink-182- for the awsome kick ass concert and for letting me promote your loser kids. I would also like to thank my girlfriend who might not like me. for giving me a wounderful life and for her best friend for still being friends with me even after the "megan" thing. Also for Julie Berry and the Huron Tiger Band for giving me a wounderful time so far this year. Also if your name is not on here and should be um tell me or do something for me

Fuck offs
Go to all of the people who think im gay and want to kick my až. And to Tera for flirting with other guys (Chad, Todd, Luke, and to all of the other guys. they also go to the 8th grade girl's for just being gay to. Also to a girl in the band for letting the cat out of the bag about what we did. Also a major screw off to the older girlfriends I had that hate my guts for no good reason. "Megan" and Emily