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Scott's new's section
Week #6 Date:Saturdy, July, 6

Add Stuff: 1.) Hey im working on this old page again so come back often.

Week #5 Date:Saturdy, February, 10

Delet stuff:
1.) I am thinking of removing more things on my site if no info is coming in on them I am thinking of removing the starwars and codes pages! Please help these stay alive bye sendign more info to me at the bottom of the page.

2.) Keep voting on the pool and put your site on my top 50 show to the left on the little banner. <:) -Scott-

Week #4 Date:thursday, January 24

1.) Just added new pics and some codes not much go and download the oompa loompa songs. Soon I will add songs from our chior concert for huron stuff not much new because of school. Week #4 Date:thursday, December 21

1.) I really have been updating alot of the code's and I have put up a picture gallery for blink. The other new thing I will add soon is the it is for the huron people really why huron really sucks. Also add your site to my top 50 and put a message on the guestbook.

Week #3 Date:Sunday, November 26

1.)If there are any coments or you would like to send me anything please e-mail me at the bottom of the page (or sing my guestbook;) ;). Make my banner also I will be posting up different banners each week so please send more banners in to me please!

2.)Also if you have any code's or pic or info on anything also send them to the bottom of the page but I still have to get the rest of the codes you guys sent in. Thats all for now. -Scott- <:)

3.)Hey go here to get alot of people on your page have fun getting alot of people to your site!

Week #2 Date:Tuesday, November 21

Join Top Site List
1.) Join the list.!

1)Join the top 50 on my site now just click ont the little picture of a banner to the rigth of the screen. Right now I don't have to many sites so please join today.

2.)Hey ok this has been up here for a long time but I just wanted to show the list of songs on the new Blink-182- C.D."Return Of The Enema". This is shown at the bottom of the page. Thank's Scott<:)

The Blink-182- "The Enema Strike's Back" Song List
2.)Dont Leave Me
3.)Alain's Exist
4.)Family Reunion
5.)Going Away To college
6.)What's My Age Again
7.)Rich Lip's
8.)Blew Job
12.)Adam's Song
13.)Peggy Sue
14.)Wendy clear
16.)All The Small Thing's
18.)The Country Song
20.)Man Overboard
21.)Talking During The Show(Not A song) Through-----> 49.)


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