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Blink-182-'s news
Hello and welcome to the news section of this. again if you have any news or pics about blink-182- please send it to me at
There is going to be a new live C.D. out for blink-182- called "Ten" and that is going to come out on Nov,7, 2000.
Blink was also on the cover of rolling stone make sure to pick up a copy of it. It is out on July 14

Also I went to A blink-182- concert but please check out the tour dates to see when their coming to your town.
Travis has broken his hand on the Blink-182- tour this summer and will be out for just a little bit but the tour will end without him playing and instead have the drummer from Fenix TX play for blink182.
The tour in the show had them playing pass the ball and a rousing show of silent night with all of the audience.

if you have any news or pics of them or the tour please send them to me Thanks!