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Game Genie codes

Secret messages:

Enter one of the following codes at the main menu to display a message.

Press Up, Down, Left, Right.
Press B, A, Left, Right, Select.
Press Up(2), A, B, A, Down(2).
Press Right, Up, Down, Up, Left, Up, Down, Up.
Press B, A, B, Right, Left, Down, Up.
Press A(4), B(3), Start.
Press Right, Left, Right, Left, Down(2), Up(2).
Press A, B, A, B, A(2), Select .
Press A, Left(2), A, B, Right(2), B.
Use with a Super Game Boy:

The Game Genie can also be used with the Super Game Boy cartridge for the Super Nintendo (SNES). However, in order to use it, some of the edge that clips on to an actual Game Boy must be trimmed in order to plug it in.


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